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What are Some Leap Year Birthday Celebrations & Gift Ideas?

What are Some Leap Year Birthday Celebrations & Gift Ideas?

Did you know only one was born in 1461 people on Leap Day? So being born on a leap day is something special. Gifting something exceptional to your child would be great so every child can feel even more special on their birthday. Whatever you are planning to gift to the child, offering the customized leap year birthday cake will bring a smile to the face of the child. Before we let you know what you can gift to the child, we would let you know how innovatively you can celebrate their birthday and make it memorable.

Here is how you should celebrate your child’s birthday on leap day;

a cake for leap year birthday celebration

Throw a party with your apartment neighbors

A child loves the company of other children. Therefore, invite your neighbors so they can join your child with their children. Your child will be thrilled on this special day full of fun and entertainment.

Go camping- why don’t you bring your family and go camping? It’s time to try something different that you have not tried before. If you have not tried camping, you should surely bring your family camping away from the hassle-bustle of the metropolitan city.

Spend a night in a beautiful hotel

If you are bored with celebrating your kid’s birthday at home, visit your favorite hotel in the city and spend a full night with your beloved family. Here you can request the hotel staff to arrange a birthday party. Even, hotels nowadays are extensively used for celebrating special occasions. If you let you know the hotel staff beforehand, they will make all the arrangements from decoration to arranging a customized cake for your child. Get in touch with different hotels, check for the best deal, and begin the birthday celebration.

Have a small celebration at the kid’s park

Letting your kid enjoy and play with other kids is another thing you can do on their special day. They will have a lot of fun with other kids in the park. Once they end up playing games with other kids, you can throw a party at your place with other family members and friends.

Take the day off

If you both are a working couple, then take a day off for your child. This would be a nice gesture from your end. We know your children are everything to you. So, if you take the day off and just spend a whole day with them, this would be great enough for them. They genuinely require your attention and time. So, take the day off and ask your husband as well to take the day off.

Girl opening leap year birthday gift box

Keep on the celebration the next day as well

Leap’s birthday comes once in four years. So, you should continue the celebration the next day as well. Don’t let your kid go to school. Request the school management to grand two days leave so you can better celebrate the birthday of your child.

Gift something special

The kid loves gifts whether it is a toy or lots of chocolate. You can surprise your child with lots of chocolate and toys on their special day. Take some time, explore the shopping malls, and find some unique toys to gift. It would be great if you gift some educational toys that will help to develop some key skills interestingly.

Go the movies

Check for the latest movies that your kid may like and hit the threat with the whole family. Nothing can be better if you book a ticket for cartoon movies. The kid loves to watch cartoon movies.

We hope that you get ideas on how you can make their birthday special. Yummycake is the best cake shop in Delhi. If you are looking for designer cakes or some other type of cake, let us know in detail, and we will deliver you at your preferred time and place.

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