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Bomb Cake

Order Bomb Cake in Delhi for your loved one’s birthday

The Cake is the focal point of each significant occasion! Because we want to make the festivities of our clients particularly memorable. We have created a specialty bomb blast cake that will perfectly complement the blasting ceremony you are going to attend! Now you can order our bomb cake design online, which will melt in your mouth with the first taste while creating a magnificent spectacle worthy of a celebration!

Send a birthday bomb cake online from YummyCake

Order a red velvet birthday cake for every occasion, from an anniversary to a promotion, and celebrate the most important events of your life with your friends and family with a single click of a mouse! And, owing to our 24-hour delivery service, you may order a birthday cake for husband or loved ones from the comfort of your own home.

Cake Flavours Occasions Cake Delivery Method
Red Velvet First Birthday Same Day Delivery
Chocolate Truffle Anniversary Midnight Delivery
Butterscotch Engagement
Pineapple Cake Birthday

Online order our chocolate bomb cake

Cakes have seen both revolutions and evolutions! And, since the one thing that has remained consistent in the world is change, the cake sector enjoys maintaining its consistency. As the largest provider in the cake market, we have all of the delectable explosions you could ever want.

Explore our range of birthday bomb cakes

When you choose to purchase Pinata cake with a hammer from us, you can be assured of freshness, purity, sanitation, and prompt delivery since we are an FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certified online bakery. When creating the bomb cakes, the expert in-house bakers only employ the highest quality baking ingredients available.

In addition, superior baking techniques and various baking methods are used to bring the flavor to life. The promise of freshness is maintained since the bakers begin working on the birthday bomb cake immediately after receiving an online request for a bomb cake order.

Delectable and best bomb cake designs

Thanks to our exclusive bomb cake delivery service, the Cake is delivered to your specified location within the specified time frame. If you want to make a birthday unique and something that will be remembered for a long time, act quickly and place an order for a red velvet birthday cake with us.

Bomb blast cake can be purchased from us and delivered to your door.
Offering a variety of distinctive flavors, We provide our clients with the chance to order without difficulty and have bomb cakes delivered straight to the doorstep of the present recipient. Visit our YummyCake website to browse and explore a variety of fantastic Chocolate birthday cakes, including bomb cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon, weddings, engagements, baby showers, 1st birthdays, surprise celebrations, and congratulations parties, among other occasions.

Place bomb cake online order for any special occasion

As for the services that can be obtained from us, they are available at all hours of the day and night. One of the most attractive features of bomb cake online order is that the element of surprise is preserved to a large degree. At the same time, there are no extra delivery fees.

Yes, our same-day cake delivery in Delhi service is not only dependable, but it also does not include any additional fees or charges. You can now effortlessly explore and pick from our extensive selection of bomb cakes.

Bomb Cake Types Prices
Red Velvet [500 gm] 2149
Chocolate Truffle [500 gm] 2099
Butterscotch [500 gm] 2049
Pineapple Cake [500 gm] 2049
Black Forest [500 gm] 2049

Send Bomb Cakes to Your Loved Ones

Let’s say it’s your mother’s birthday this weekend. Send her a morning delivery that includes one of our birthday bomb cakes in a chosen flavor delivered in the morning. It is guaranteed that the delivery will occur at the time window you have specified. Your mother will awaken to a wonderful celebration cake in the shell that will burst into flames when lit and then split open to reveal the delectable surprise within!

Get the fastest delivery of birthday bomb cakes

We also provide surprise delivery services to our customers, allowing you to express your affection for your lover directly at their doorway. Visit our website now to avail of huge discounts on bomb cake online orders. Order chocolate bomb cakes for celebrations ranging from anniversaries to birthdays. Celebrate any significant occasion with your family at the ease of a button. And you get our awesome cake in the comfort of your home with our 24-hour delivery services.

Available in different flavors, we present a wide range of options for cake online orders. You can send these cakes directly to the gift recipient’s doorstep in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. Our extensive selection of delivery services is available year-round for our clients.

Our range of bomb cakes in Gurgaon available for order

Introducing our best-in-design classic bomb cake you can purchase for same-day delivery. Our same-day delivery service is to help you surprise your loved ones anytime. At the same time, there are no extra delivery expenses. Yes, our same-day cake delivery service is trustworthy and has no extra service fee. Don’t wait, quickly place cake online orders for doorstep delivery!

Place your chocolate bomb cake order in Delhi

Let’s imagine it is your mother’s birthday tomorrow and you forgot to send her gifts. You can quickly send her our beautiful cakes of any flavor of your choosing. We deliver the cake immediately on the time window that you select during the checkout. Bomb cakes are available in different flavors. 

This cake generates a beautiful explosion upon lighting and splits apart to reveal the surprise within. With our slot selections, you can cheer up the early birds in your house. You can get this cake in various designs and flavors.

Frequently Asked Question by Customers:

Q1. What is a bomb cake?

Ans. The cakes are dubbed bomb cakes because they are packaged within a bomb-shaped plastic container that must be lighted to open with an unintended explosion.

Q2. What is the price of a bomb cake?

Ans. Our trademark chocolate bomb cake is priced at Rs 2049+. Shop our delicious relishes from the comfort of your own home and create bombastic memories that will last a lifetime!

Q3. How to order bomb cake?

Ans. Browse through our website ( and select the product you want. Follow the instructions and fill the necessary details like delivery date, time, location, etc. and you are done.

Q4. What is a chocolate truffle bomb cake?

Ans. It’s straightforward, made with chocolate, heavy cream, and butter, much like a chocolate truffle, but in slightly different proportions. All of the material is contained inside a bomb-shaped plastic container that must be ignited to detonate without causing injury. That is pure chocolate nirvana.

Q5. Where to buy bomb cake online?

Ans. Order bomb cake from Yummycake's website with a same-day delivery – the nicest thing about purchasing through our same-day delivery service is that the sense of surprise is maintained. Additionally, there are no additional shipping costs!

Q6. What is inside the bomb cake?

Ans. Typically, these chocolate bombs include chocolate cakes or brownies. When the bomb is opened, the chocolate sauce spills inside it. As a result, a chocolate dessert is the ultimate surprise. Additionally, you may add some mousse to the Cake on the interior for a luxurious texture play.

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