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Celebration Ideas

Kitty Party Celebration Ideas

Kitty Party Celebration Ideas

Parties are to celebrate special and memorable occasions. Naturally, people gather, socialize, and create memories. Parties take so many faces on different occasions among which Kitty’s party stands high on the podium of popularity.

What is a kitty party?

Kitty parties are usually coordinated by women. It’s a very famous way of socializing in some portions of Asia. Generally, women gather for some celebration at the end of the day after finishing their tiring office hours or boring household chores. Basically, each of the members renders a specific amount of money that is being collected by the group head. The sum collected is referred to as ‘kitty’. They aim to celebrate it every month at a pre-decided time. Each gorgeous member hosts a party once in a while and organizes the other stuff. Women engage in playing games and some random gossiping.

Give a tint of life to your kitty party

Bringing creativity and a variation to the taste of ordinary life ignites the atmosphere of festivity. Like, keeping a unique theme every time, including different games and even doing some crazy activities that one has never done or seen before.

If you are the host of this week’s kitty party, worry not, we have tried to give some dashing plans for your kitty party. So, hold your breath as you peep into the bag of exclusive ideas for your kitty party.

Kitty Party Ideas at Home

#1- Themes

Whatever the occasion or celebration women never leave a stone unturned to flaunt their beauty with an exciting dressing style. Wearing a themed dress is the personal favourite of ladies. Sometimes getting the place styled up like a forest or a mystical escapade gives a hue of uniqueness to your party. So, as a host, you can crack your brain to get some unique themes for your kitty party.

#2- Cake

It is always a wise choice to bring mouthwatering cake to a kitty party because one can never say no to cake. You can get the best cakes in Delhi delivered to your doorstep if you order online from the cake shop windows. These online outlets have a variety of cake ideas for girls and ladies for you to explore and choose an eye-catching yet yummy cake for you and your guests. You can wholeheartedly spend a few extra bucks to get a designer cake for your day.

#3- Party presentation

The decoration is the heart of any party so it should be meticulously taken care of to beautify your venue. It is appreciable for you to decorate your venue with confetti, streamers, balloons, party hats, banners, and so on. Moreover, exciting games can be organized at your kitty party to overcome the monotonous mood. To add flavour to your party, you can always add soothing music to make the gathering full of life.

#5- Dress code

You need not always depend on your Western outfit for a booming celebration. Getting dressed up as a ’70s heroin or sometimes having the full liberty to dress anything and everything is fun. But as a host try to implement some out-of-the-track dress code in each case just as to excite the main purpose of the gathering.

#4- Food Ideas

Oftentimes it’s believed that food is the way to someone’s heart. As an organizer, you must choose appetizing food keeping in mind the taste of others.

#5- Budget

Now while enjoying, you can not afford to burn a hole in your pocket. One must keep in mind the budget and the best resources in that price cap. You can easily cut down extra costs like hall booking and all by conducting your party in the green grass of the garden. But there are certain things that you can not afford to miss for your kitty parties like a designer cake or colorful balloons.


People always try to seek a way to take a break from their daily busy schedules. The monotony lowers the enthusiasm. But sometimes being surrounded by the known people, a small get-together brings refreshment. Apart from celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, kitty parties are an incredible way of not only socializing but also breaking the threshold of sameness.

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