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3 Kg Cakes

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Order 3kg Cake Online for Same Day Delivery in Delhi NCR

When it comes to a cake that weighs 3kg, it needs to be of the designer variety. These cakes are best for a gathering of thirty to thirty-five individuals. To enhance the allure of any occasion, we provide a selection of chocolate, cream, and fruit designs in 3kg cakes. Regarding the preparation, the chefs at our restaurant are meticulous about the tastes and ingredients they use.

Especially when it comes to elaborate cakes with several tiers and hefty layers. We continually build 3kg birthday cake according to the specifications of the clients. You need to provide us with some information about the event and the design. Over a hundred designs are shown to you as possibilities that might fulfill your needs. Keeping in mind your budget, we also propose different components and tastes. To maintain our foods’ genuine flavor and fragrance, we only use garden-fresh produce that has been hand-picked.

3 Kg Cake Flavors Prices
Pineapple Cake [3kg] ₹2899
Butterscotch Cake [3kg] ₹3199
Black Forest Cake [3kg] ₹2899
White Forest Cake [3kg] ₹4099
Chocolate cake [3kg] ₹3499
Red Velvet Cake [3kg] ₹4099
Strawberry Cake [3kg] ₹2899

Send Unique 3kg Cake Designs for Any Occasion

We provide diverse menu options for 3kg cake designs. In addition to cakes for weddings and anniversaries, we also provide a variety of designs for cakes weighing 3kg. These cakes, which weigh 3kg each and come in various flavors and designs, were developed specifically for occasions such as pre-wedding parties, anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties, New Year’s parties, and birthday parties.

We are committed to earning your confidence as a cake store in Delhi NCR. Delhi, and the surrounding regions, and as part of that commitment. We provide just the finest sizes in cakes to meet your needs. The cost of a 3kg birthday cake for Boy is not too exorbitant in most cases; nonetheless. We take great care in preparing them with your preferences for the event and its associated design in mind.

Cakes By Flavours Cake by Type Cakes By Relation
White Forest Cake Fondant Cake cake for husband
Pineapple Cake Heart-Shaped Cake cake for wife
Oreo Cake Multi-Layered Cake Cake for Mom
KitKat Cake Photo Cake Cake for Dad

Order 3kg Birthday Cake at an Affordable Price

Our 3kg cake price is quite reasonable and affordable in the market. When it comes to creating the 3 kg square cake, we use worldwide best practices to ensure that the design is flawless and attractive. Our chefs have knowledge in all aspects of the preparation process, from the frosting portion of the outer layer of the cake.

They play with the layers of fondant, and experiment with various ingredients in the filling. We even create layers and swirl them with cream. This training includes all aspects of the preparation process. Therefore, the 3kg cake price will always be within your financial means and will never be excessive. Because it is less challenging to work with and does not appear untidy, the cakes our crew creates usually utilize fabulous buttercream.

3 kg Cakes Online – Same Day and Midnight Delivery

Are you going to arrange a party for the grand celebration of your 25th marriage anniversary or do you invite some special guests on the eve of Christmas? Whether it is a grand anniversary celebration, Christmas party or a simple birthday party, without an exotic cake there is no delight in a party. Give a euphoric treat to your guests with our delectable cakes.

At YummyCake, we have an exclusive range of 3-kg cakes, the perfect fit for your anniversary, birthday, housewarming, baby showering, and other occasions. Let us feel the honor to serve you mouth-in-melt cakes in your large gathering. We have come up with a plethora of sizes, designs, textures, and flavors to give you a mesmeric feeling on your special day. Just order a 3-kg cake online in Delhi and enjoy the savory delight at your place without any delay. 

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