Online Customized Cake Delivery in Delhi/NCR: Same Day & Midnight Cake Delivery – 100% Eggless

Customized Cakes

The definition of “cake” has changed through the times. Earlier times, a cake would be small bread; sugar was unknown and honey was as per the choice. Earlier people used to have cheesecakes baked with honey, but today because times have changed and also the generation of people has changed today’s cake resemble rich creamy cheesecake indulgences. At YummyCake, we specialize in customized cakes and offers same day free delivery in Delhi NCR.

With the emergence of the modern oven and access to sugar, today’s cakes are made from a dough of butter, eggs, flour, sugar, flavorings and sometimes a livener such as baking powder. Most modern cakes fall into these categories:

We have all the customized cakes that you can order –

Butter Cakes – We have created this variety using baking powder to help the cake rise.

Cheese Cake – We use eggs to help the cake rise, and contain little flour.

Fruit Cake – Dense, heavy cakes made with candied, dried and glazed fruits.

Spice Cake – More casual cakes baked with heavily mixed with allspice, cinnamon and other spices.

Sponge Cake – We use beaten eggs to rise cake.

Yeast Cake – Sweeter versions of yeast bread.

Broadly speaking there are three delicious categories of cakes we provide across the entire Delhi NCR

Customized Cakes Online

These are the customized cakes that we create and provide as per your request. Now that takes into consideration the occasion for which the cake is required for, any special function in your family which makes it a made to order the cake. So our home delivery for your other cake category across Delhi is round the clock.

Photo Cake

Just send in the photo of that special person that you want to surprise and we will do the needful. We make sure each and every cake in the other cake category is delivered to you across the entire Delhi NCR within 24 hours.

Sugar-Free Cakes

For those who are diabetic but do not want to lose the taste and aroma of cakes have nothing to despair.

Eggless Cakes

Vegetarian can always look for the best cake creations from us.

Make It Extra Special !