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First Birthday Cakes

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Order Delicious First Birthday Cakes with Home Delivery

A child’s first birthday is an important occasion, filled with joy and hope for a happy life ahead. Our 1st birthday cakes for boys and girls are made specially to help you make your child’s birthday memorable and delightful.

The cakes are available in different flavours and designs. All cake items – flour, bread, baking soda, buttercream, and whipped cream are the best in quality. You can order our jungle-themed cake for the 1st birthday or go for some pink, and toppings have to include feminine things like dolls and ribbons.

1st Birthday Cake Ideas and Best Flavors

Cake Ideas Flavors/Types Delivery Locations
Number Cake Red Velvet Cake Delhi
Lion Theme Cake Chocolate Truffle Bangalore
Jungle Theme Cake Pineapple Mumbai
Rainbow Unicorn Cake KitKat Hyderabad
Little Monster Cake Oreo Pune
Pinata Cake Blueberry Gurgaon
Teddy Bear Cake Black Forest Ahmedabad
Mickey Mouse Cake Butterscotch Faridabad
Peppa Pig Cake Vanilla Ghaziabad
Minni Mouse Cake Cheesecake

Explore our range of cakes for a first birthday celebration

Children can’t stay away from cakes especially when it’s their birthday. Therefore, the cakes are made with utmost care and the ingredients are not harmful to them. We use only the freshest ingredients to bake your cake upon order, ensuring its quality and taste.

Toddlers at one year might have their imaginations. So one may experiment with numerous themes when creating a half cake. From toys to trees, the personalization may stretch to aeroplanes and castles. Thus, be ready to enjoy 1st birthday cakes, which may be anything from hilarious to musical, but always adorable and original.

Order from a range of 1st birthday cake Designs

Kids of a tender age love biting on chocolates, butterscotch, creamy milk, vanilla, Oreos, strawberry, fancy chocolate, pineapple, red velvet, wonderful mango tastes, and a lot more delicious treats. Ah yes! Our 1st birthday cake designs for girls feature the most crucial element. The charm and appeal attract the baby and their friends.

Whether you need customized cakes or a simple one for a small house party. Each part of the cake is edible and made using child-friendly ingredients.

Here are the cake ideas for your baby:

  • Mickey Mouse theme cake
  • Krishna theme cake
  • Doraemon cake
  • Chota Bheem Cake
  • Barbie Theme Cake
  • Princess Theme Cake
  • Cocomelon Cake
  • Jungle theme cake
  • Lion theme cake

Premium Delicacy Cakes to Entice the First Birthday of Your Special One’s

Online businesses are growing in India. Yummycake offers a convenient and delightful way to make special occasions unique and unforgettable. Get a variety of 1st birthday cakes online, as well as beautiful flowers and other gifts to help you spice up the celebration.

We offer cakes in various flavors including Chocolate truffle, mixed fruit, Rich Chocolate, Black Forest, etc. For a grand celebration, please choose from our premium two or three-tier cakes with various flavours.

Arrange Your Celebration With Our Delicacy:

Celebrating special occasions is an exciting event for us. Our collection of beautiful cakes, delightful flower bouquets, and festive gifts will make your celebrations memorable.

Indians have great enthusiasm and energy when rejoicing in joyous occasions with first-year birthday cakes with family and friends. Therefore, cakes will make a perfect present to express your love and appreciation for the special day!

cartoon cakes are sure to please kids of all ages. From Doraemon to Barbie to Jungle Book, Yummycake has a cake for every child’s favourite character.

Beyond baby birthday cakes and flowers, we also provide handbags, metallic utensils, scented candles, and home decor items. Our creations will delight you and the special someone in your life.

Our Range Of Selection:

Our team is well aware of the custom of bringing the celebration for a birthday cake for a 1-year-old girl.

We deliver a wide variety of baby girl’s 1st birthday cakes in a variety of flavours, designs, and shapes. Whether you’re looking for a Barbie cake or a jungle-themed cake, we have the perfect cake to charm your beloved.

We only use beautiful flowers, such as roses, orchids, carnations, lilies, and gerberas, to decorate cakes. We carefully wrap each flower so that it arrives at your loved one’s door looking its best, and we hope that it brings them a smile.

Moreover, a selection of other gifts like teddies, chocolates, flower bouquets, and others that are full of joy and make others admire you.
Check our cake delivery locations

Bangalore Mumbai Hyderabad
Kerala Gurgaon Delhi
Noida Faridabad

Special 1st Birthday Cake Range:

Our first birthday cakes come in a variety of flavours and eye-catching designs. Starting at a special price, you can choose from chocolate, vanilla, eggless, pineapple, strawberry, KitKat, mango, Ferrero Rocher, Oreo, black forest, and red velvet cakes.

The cakes are designed and topped with delightful frosting, making them the perfect way to celebrate your little one’s special day.

Our delectable desserts are perfect for any occasion. With prices starting at the best prices, find the ideal cake for the event from our range of eggless first birthday cakes in various shapes, designs, and frosting.

Our range of unique birthday cakes includes a variety of themes, such as poster cakes, number cakes, cream cakes, Pinata cakes, Barbie doll cakes, etc.

Visit our website to order a specially created 1st birthday cake that will make your party and your baby’s first birthday extra special.

Get The Same Day Delivery Convenience:

Our team works hard to ensure that your baby boy’s first birthday celebration is exceptional. Yumycake offers cakes, flowers, and gifts to many cities in India on time. We put extra time and effort into our delivery system to provide you with the best possible experience.

Let your special someone enjoy receiving a wonderful surprise with our lovely flowers, cakes, and exciting gifts!

Birthday cakes, flowers, and thoughtful presents will bring a smile to their faces. In busy and hurried times, surprise your nearest and dearest with same-day cake, flower, and gift delivery. A personal gift is always a great way to show appreciation for someone special.

Delight them with a unique present that expresses your emotions perfectly. Furthermore, the Pinata cake and flowers are an excellent choice, making a lasting impression on your loved one.

One-Stop Platform for Customized Delicacy Cakes:

Gift-giving is a great way to show someone how much you care. It is essential to understand the importance of personalized baby first birthday cakes to show someone how special they are. Our array of customized cakes is perfect for showing affection and love for your loved ones.

Not only are these cakes unique and meaningful, but they are also delicious! You can order customized cakes online to surprise them, no matter how far they live from you.

With our wide selection of personalized cakes, you will find the perfect cake for all your special ones. Our specialized and artistic skills are sure to impress you when you choose us to send a 1st birthday cake.

Frequently Asked Question by Customers:

Q1. Can baby eat cake on the first birthday?

Ans. Scientifically, babies can’t eat cakes on their 1st birthday because they don’t have full-grown teeth in their mouths. But this doesn’t mean you can't order cake. Celebrate your baby's special day with your friends and family.

Q2. Which cake is best for the first birthday?

Ans. There is a massive range of cakes available such as lion theme cake, jungle theme cake, piñata cake, rainbow unicorn cake, teddy bear cake, Peppa pig cake, Minnie/Mickey mouse cake, and little monster cake. Choose them as per the like of your child.

Q3. What kind of cake can a 1-year-old eat?

Ans. Kids can’t correctly eat a cake when they turn one year old, but they can enjoy the flavor of rich cream with the help of which cake is covered. Tastes like chocolate, pineapple, Oreo, blueberry, vanilla, and so on are available.

Q4. Can I get a personalized cake for my first birthday?

Ans. Yes, customized cake option is available. You can order clubhouse cake, cartoon theme cake, sports theme cake, and so on.

Q5. What flavor cake is best for 1st birthday?

Ans. The best cake flavors for a one-year-old are Red Velvet, Pineapple, Blueberry, Chocolate Truffle, Black Forest, Fruit, Butterscotch, etc.

Q6. Can you add a special message to the first birthday cake?

Ans. Yes, we can add a special message on the cake of your choice. All you need to do is leave a note while ordering a cake with a detailed message that you want to be written on your cake.

Q7. What is the minimum price of the first birthday cake?

Ans. The price range varies depending on the cake flavor, size, and design. Our price starts from INR. 899.

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