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Pinata cakes with Hammer are now trending everywhere regardless of the occasion. Do you know why? Because pinata cake for anniversary or birthdays adds a unique entertaining aspect to the cake-cutting ritual. Unlike the other simple cakes, the birthday boy/girl crushed the Pinata cake with a hammer to reveal the surprise.

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Our Pinata cake for birthday or anniversary is a delightful surprise that’s gorgeous to look at, shatter, and eat. Because it is based on the Pinata custom, the cake is cracked open and sliced into pieces before being served, making the cake cutting ceremony more spectacular and ornate. Some individuals choose to blindfold the cake cutter and take pleasure in the comedic scenario of crushing the Pinata in a few strokes.

Pinata Cake Type Prices
Heart-Shaped Pinata Cake 1599
Unicorn Pinata Cake 1599
Spiderman Pinata Cake 1599
Chocolate Pinata Cake 1599
Baby Shower Pinata Cake 1649
Birthday Pinata Cake 1649
Football Pinata Hammer Cake 1699
Smash Cake With Hammer Online 1699

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In the case of a pinata cake with a hammer, the cake is hidden under a shell made of milk or dark chocolate, which is also supplied with a hammer. When you crack open the Pinatas shell, you’ll find a delicious cake that can be cut into pieces just like a real cake. You can incorporate numerous themes into their pinata birthday cake to make them a unique addition to their festivities and add a revealing and unexpected element to the event as a result of this.

Please keep in mind that storing the Pinata cake in the refrigerator will make it easier to smash! If the cake is kept in a warm environment, it will either soften or melt completely in the worst-case situation.

Pinata Cake Variety Flavours Our Speciality
Chocolate Pinata Cake Chocolate Same Day & Midnight Delivery
Unicorn Pinata Cake Red Velvet Free Shipping
Heart shape pinata cake Pineapple Cakes 100% Eggless Cakes
Rainbow pinata cake Black Forest

Order pinata cake for anniversary to surprise your loved ones

Pinata Cakes from us are the ideal party snacks to provide at your child’s birthday party or another special occasion. This pinata cake for anniversary is designed to be used at any party to surprise children, seniors, and others on any occasion, much like a pinata stuffed with a variety of delectable treats. This product has been meticulously handcrafted for your enjoyment.

Best pinata birthday cake for a new trend of celebration

Our best birthday cakes are created with the best ingredients and baked to perfection to ensure maximum flavor and texture. This cake with a hammer is just incredible. The unique design of this pinata cake with a hammer makes it a great conversation starter at gatherings, ensuring that your guests remember your next celebration for years to come. So, let the party begin with our range of piñata cakes, pull me up birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, barbie cakes, and chocolate birthday cakes.

Yummy Cake is now offering the most affordable and tastiest Pinata cakes that you can even order for same-day delivery.

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Need to surprise someone special? We utilize only the best, freshest ingredients to ensure that you will fall in love with our cake. We offer fresh Pinata cakes in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad every day and deliver them to your doorstep in no time. Place your order now to enjoy the most delightful and lip-smacking cake by sitting in the comfort of your home.

The Trending cake is our best product, with a three-dimensional appearance. These cakes include a delicate Chocolate or White Chocolate; we customize the shell with various colors. These Cakes also include surprise components, such as Gems, Oreo, Kit-Kat, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, or anything sweet of your choice. We provide a Pinata cake with hammer heart shape to help you expose the surprise element, making it even more exciting for every occasion.

Delightful and beautiful Pinata cake with hammer

We make cakes using top-of-the-line ingredients and in a very hygienic environment with utmost care. Our freshly made cake adds excitement and variation to the process of cake cutting. It’s exhilarating because people are intrigued about what’s within. As with other customized cakes, you may search for “pinata cake near me” to place your order with us.

Surprise your loved ones with the best Pinata cake in Gurgaon

We mold the chocolate shell outside into a heart, sphere, or half-sphere. We adorn the exterior chocolate shell with sprinkles, fondant embellishments, ribbons, or frosting. In contrast, the inside chocolate shell conceals surprise elements such as handwritten messages, sweets, flowers, macarons, chocolates, and greeting cards.

Home delivery of Pinata cake in Delhi

Are you arranging a party with your friends and family? That is an excellent suggestion! You no longer need to travel from shop to store hunting for your favorite cake; you can place your breaking cake with hammer order online with various customized choices and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Question by Customers:

Q1. What is a pinata cake with a hammer?

Ans. Pinata cakes often have a firm shell on the outside and come in a round, heart of oval shape and come with a toy hammer. This Pinata Cake with a Hammer comes in two sizes: small and big is the newest addition to our collection of cakes. A hammer is given to smash the cake’s outer shell.

Q2. What is the price of a pinata cake?

Ans. A hammer is supplied with each cake to function as a game element that may be used to smash apart the Pinata once it has been opened (cake). You can visit Yummy Cake to order piñata cake starting at INR 1599, which is a very reasonable price.

Q3. What is inside the pinata cake?

Ans. We fill the pinata cake cavity with candies, cakes, photos, sprinkles, chocolates, and nonedible gifts. You can give instructions while placing orders on our website.

Q4. How to cut pinata cake?

Ans. We will give a hammer as well as a piñata cake for you. It is necessary to smack the hammer on the cake shell to break it open. We specialize in bespoke cakes of the same high quality, care, and attention to detail as our ordinary cakes but are created for a particular occasion.

Q5. Where can I get pinata cake near me?

Ans. If you order a piñata cake from YummyCake, you will save money since we offer free delivery in Delhi NCR. We also offer a wide range of Pinata cakes that you can choose and customize as per your need.

Q6. Where can I buy pinata cake?

Ans. YummyCake is now offering a diverse selection of piñata cakes for sale online that are cooked with the finest ingredients by our skilled bakers. Visit the website, place the order and your piñata cake will be delivered to you immediately.

Q7. How to eat pinata cake?

Ans. Your piñata cake is loaded with goodies such as candy, fruits, nuts, and perhaps a little piece of cake. Pull the mold up gently, and there you have it! Your chocolate piñata cake is now ready to be crushed and devoured by your friends and family.

Q8. how to store pinata cake?

Ans. Because our Pinata cakes are completely made of chocolate or candies, we recommend that you either refrigerate your smash cake or keep it in an air-conditioned environment less than 20 degrees Celsius. The smash cake may also be stored in a pantry or a well-ventilated room throughout the winter months.

Q9. Can pinata cake be kept in the fridge?

Ans. You should keep your food refrigerated if you aren’t intending on consuming it right away, particularly if you have a few hot and humid days ahead of you. When cake is kept in a refrigerator, it is important to keep it from drying out or absorbing smells from other foods.

Q10. How long does a pinata cake last?

Ans. When it comes to the shelf life of a frosted cake in the refrigerator, it depends on the kind of cake: frosted cake, frosted cake with cream or almond paste within, or frosted cake with fondant. Cakes prepared with fresh fruit, cream, cheese, or the custard will keep for 1-2 days in the refrigerator.

Q11. How many types of pinata cake are there?

Ans. Generally speaking, two common kinds of pinata cakes are available: round ball-shaped cakes and heart-shaped diamond cakes.

Q12. Does pinata cake come with a hammer?

Ans. Every piñata cake comes with a wooden hammer, which is used to crack the chocolate shell apart and reveal the cake within; this is why the cake is also known as hammer cake or hammer cake.

Q13. What flavors are available in pinata cakes?

Ans. Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla bean, black forest, and many more tastes are available in cakes. You may customize your pinata cake by selecting your favorite flavor and placing an order online to commemorate the year’s most important holiday.

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