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Kitkat Cakes

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If you have a soft corner for Kit Kats, the KitKat chocolate Cake is what you need. Now, enjoy the flavor of both (KitKat and cake) at the same time without having to choose. You need to go to and order delicious unique Kitkat cakes online. In addition, our Kitkat cake prices are far lower than competing bakeries in the market. Whether you order the best cakes for birthday or your anniversary, we will never disappoint you. Also, we bake the cake freshly right after we receive your order. So, you can go ahead and place your cake order right away!

KitKat Type/Weight Prices
Half Kg KitKat Cake 749
KitKat Gems Cake [1kg] 1849
KitKat Truffle Cake [500gm] 749
Chocolate KitKat Cake half kg 1049

Kit Kat Birthday Cakes of the Highest Quality Are Guaranteed!

There was a period when chocolate bars such as Kit kat were given as presents to people. It is perfect for birthdays as a delicious treat. However, nowadays, we create kit kat cakes for special events like birthdays. However, not all Kit Kat cakes are tasty and fresh. At Yummy Cakes, we have chefs who know how to bake a perfect cake. Our name is an eternal promise of the most exquisite Kitkat birthday cakes possible. Also, we have talented and seasoned bakers who incorporate the best techniques and premium ingredients only. So, no need to step out of your house in search of a Kit Kat cake. Simply visit our website and place a cake order. Once you place the order, sit back and relax. You will receive the cake in a given time and in intact shape.

Different Kit Kat Cake Varieties Available for Purchase Online

You may be scrolling through a list to discover KitKat cake in your area and not receiving a fair result. If this is the case, you have to order Kit Kat cakes that are available to purchase from our website. We have a variety of Kit Kat cakes available for purchase and at the lowest price possible.It includes Choco Crunch KitKat Cake, KitKat Chocolate Cake, KitKat Gems cake and more. To be honest with you, it’s tough to choose just one! You will fall in love with unique KitKat cakes because of their appearance and flavor. Apart from this, the taste of our cake is completely melt-in-mouth.

Order Fresh Online Kitkat Cakes Available

Are you seeking a tasty and fresh happy birthday KitKat cake online? Well, we are delighted you are on the right site. Your search is almost complete. Our skilled bakers ensure that all Kit kat fans get the most delicious and fresh Kit Kat cake they have ever tasted. The following highlights of our Kit kat cakes:

  1. A very fresh cake
  2. They were prepared using high-end components.
  3. Professional and dependable bakers make the cakes.
  4. Last but not least, you will not get these cakes at such a low price anyplace in India.

Another compelling reason to get Kitkat cakes online from us is that we provide a wide range of Kit kat cakes in various forms and sizes. We want to deliver our finest service for the customer’s happiness based on their preferences. In addition, our mind-boggling Kit Kat cakes are ideal for adding love, memories, and flavor to events such as anniversaries, birthdays, goodbye, freshers, and promotion celebrations.

YummyCake also provides Kitkat gems cake delivery services in several cities. We provide delivery services in distant and urban areas of India at no additional cost. YummyCake is recognized for its exceptional delivery service across the length and width of our nation. We strive to provide only freshly made cakes to our valued clients. So, make your purchase today and enjoy the chocolaty and crispy flavor of KitKat.

Kit kat Birthday Cakes That Are Both Delicious And Reasonably Priced

Kitkat is widely known as the brand that produces the tastiest chocolate cake flavors anywhere on the globe. We cover the kit kat birthday cake in chocolate cream with chopped Kit Kat. We put fresh cream and KitKat sticks that melt on your tongue. The wonderful delights of biting into a kitkat gem cake is heaven on earth.

If you are curious about the cost of a KitKat cake design, you may order KitKat cake. Kitkat cakes Prices vary depending on the style and attractiveness of the cake. With every Kit kat cake, you will fall in love with us. The website features several different cakes with a variety of designs and sizes. We use fresh cream and fresh ingredients in every cake you order from us. We never compromise over the quality of our cakes.

Kit Kat Cakes online for Same Day and Midnight Delivery

Our cake delivery is extremely fast and affordable. Hence, we won’t allow any hiccups in the delivery process to ruin your celebration’s fun. We provide same-day delivery and delivery at midnight to ensure you get cakes precisely on time. You can select the style of the KitKat cake design that best suits your tastes and bring it to your table within the time. In addition to the speedy cake delivery on the same day or at midnight, you can also get later delivery. Go ahead and order your favorite cake now!

Frequently Asked Question by Customers:

Q1. How much does a Kit Kat cake cost?

Ans. The cost of a KitKat cake can vary depending on various factors such as the size, the type of frosting used, design. etc. We offer half kg KitKat cake at INR 749 only.

Q2. Can I get a KitKat cake delivered to my location?

Ans. If your location is within our delivery areas of Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, or Delhi, then yes, you can get a KitKat cake delivered to your location.

Q3. How can I place an order for a KitKat cake online?

Ans. You can place an order for a KitKat cake online by visiting our website, select the KitKat cake flavors category, select your preferred delivery location, and complete the order form with your details and payment information.

Q4. Can I order a KitKat cake with gems?

Ans. Yes, you can order a KitKat cake with gems from our website. KitKat cakes are customizable and we offer different types of toppings or decorations, including gems or other candies.

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