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Order 1 Kg Cake home delivery from YummyCake

Cakes have become almost associated with celebrations. The use of spaces that are suitable for intimate get-togethers and parties is gaining in popularity. People like ordering 1kg cake online for events such as birthdays, private anniversaries, retirement parties held at home, or any other kind of modest celebration. You also have a large number of alternatives to choose from, despite the size of the room.

Pick a 1kg cake design if you are serving a boy at a modest gathering of relatives or close friends. We provide a traditional menu for the same service. The most significant thing is that not only are 1kg cake prices relatively inexpensive, but you can also obtain a fantastically personalized cake in terms of the styling and the components that go into it.

1 Kg Cake Flavors Prices
Red Velvet [1kg] 1249
Chocolate Truffle [1kg] 1249
Blueberry [1kg] 1549
White Forest [1kg] 1199
Black Forest [1kg] 950
Strawberry [1kg] 1249

Designs for birthday cakes weighing 1kg are our specialty.

Over many years, we have been attentive to the requirements of our respected clients, and throughout that time. We keep exploring new formats, tastes, and components of our products. Our talented bakers maintain a list of cake-decorating ideas and photographs on hand at all times.

They are all set for making various designs to the specifications you provide. You will get proper icing, frosting, and toppings on each of our cakes, which are all eggless and entirely without eggs. The price of 1kg cake varies from flavor to flavor and does not dig a hole in your pocket.

Order 1kg birthday cakes at affordable prices

Even if the design is not on our website, we highly suggest you send us a picture of the cake you want to create. We would provide you with the same in less time and at minimum cost.

One of our favorite things to do is experiment with different components when it comes to personalization or modification. We can bake the best 1 kg cake design for girls or boys as per your needs. Not only this, but our 1kg red velvet cake price also quotes low and suits your budget.

Our catalog includes various designs for one kg birthday cakes with multiple flavors. We give your favorite dish a more artistic appearance while reducing the number of eggs and using only fresh ingredients.

Choose your chosen design, and then check out the pricing of our 1kg cake. We are meeting all of our client’s requirements here at our cake shop in Delhi, which has earned us a good reputation in the area.

And to further improve our ability to meet your needs, we are now offering cake delivery at midnight as well!! Please pay a visit to our traditional bouquet right now and place an order for one to be sent to the people you care about.

Cakes By Flavours Birthday Cake by Type Cakes By Relation
White Forest Cake Pinata Cake cake for husband
Black Forest Cake half birthday cake cake for wife
Blueberry Cake Multi-Layered Cake cake for brother
Pineapple cake Photo Cake cake for sister

Order 1 Kg Cakes Online from YummyCake

Cakes are the perfect match for any occasion from a celebration party to a ‘get well soon wish to someone you care about.  We have cakes for all occasions like Christmas cakes, New Year cakes, and so on.

Cakes are the best part of life they can sweeten any day for no reason. To experience bountiful gala cakes, online cake deliveries design assorted and extensive cakes within your budget.

At YummyCake, our bakers use fresh and best-quality ingredients and make toothsome 1 kg cake, perfect for your occasions.

If you plan something different to surprise your loved one, we are here for you. We design one kg cakes as per your choice, flavor, and size. It can be a fresh 1kg pineapple cake or an enticing dark chocolate cake; we have the finest 1kg cakes online at YummyCake.  Explore exciting prices and festive bonanza with us.

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Get 1Kg Birthday Cake online delivery

Looking for fresh and delicious 1 kg birthday cake from the best cake shops near you? If yes, you have come to the right place. We serve the finest range of cakes at your doorsteps.

Now choosing your 1 kg cake is a piece of the cakewalk. It’s just a few clicks away. Order one kg cake online or call 9315262198. You may WhatsApp us. We accept Paytm too, so go cashless. Order Now!!

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