quality time with loved ones

Top 5 ways to Express Your Unconditional Love

Love is the greatest bonding that brings two people close to each other and gives them a reason to feel happy. If you love someone, it is mandatory to show this love and make one feel the warmth and bondage of relationship. Do you know how to communicate love with fervor? If not, it is … Continued

occasions for gifting a cake

Popular Indian Occasions for Gifting a Cake

Gifts and occasions are a complement to each other. All major and minor occasions in India demand celebrations and celebrations are incomplete without gifts. Gifts can be anything but a gift that comes in the form of a cake makes a big difference. The cake is a sweet dessert that brings happiness and makes any … Continued

tips for baking eggless cake

Important Tips For Baking A Delicious Eggless Cake

A cake produces a great taste when it is baked in a proper manner. The baking of the cake really matters the most in cakes. All cakes are not same and so are their baking methods. Primarily, there are different types of cake, such as sponge cake, cream cake, cheesecake, gooey cake, chocolate cakes, eggless … Continued

super moist chocolate cake

The secret for Super Moist Chocolate Cake

All of us love to drool over cake products whenever we get them casually or at many other events that are celebrated everywhere. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to garnering any occasion or event with a perfect piece of cake. There are lots of cake products available on the market ready to … Continued

Celebrate Your Child's 1st Birthday

Perfect Way To Celebrate Your Child’s 1st Birthday

1st birthday of a child is a great occasion that brings all family members and near and dear ones together. This occasion can be small or big as per preferences of the party organizer. When it comes to celebrating the very first birthday of your beloved ones, you simply need to look for some interesting and … Continued

Wacky Birthday ideas for a Girl

What are Some Wacky Birthday ideas for a Girl?

Gone are the days when people used to offer a few selective gift products from a gift shop near them. Now the scenario has changed completely since the internet entered in our life. Now, gifts are endless and you find it hard what to choose and what to ignore. Online gift shops almost deal in … Continued

birthday gift ideas for parents

What Are the Best Birthday Gift ideas for parents?

All of us have accepted lots of gifts from our parents on our birthday and other important occasions. We used to get special gifts that are generally demanded by us. From toys to gadgets and from dresses to decoration items, the list of gifts hoarded in our rooms is big. What if you have to … Continued

Perfect Bachelorette Party Ideas

How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party?

Girls know what a bachelorette party is and why it is thrown for a girl or woman who is going to get married. It is also popularly called as hen(s) party, hen(s) night or hen(s) do. A little bit different from a bachelor party but has all elements of debauchery and signs of the end … Continued

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Forever for random occasions

After every year celebration, everyone wants the feeling and essence of something different. Strawberry shortcake is evergreen and forever on random occasions to spread love among loved ones. A random occasion celebration would become great if celebration with strawberry shortcake forever. The cake came into existence after the movie and got famous because of great … Continued


Cake or Cookie? Which is Your Favorite One?

A large number of people like to search a simple question: Is a cookie a biscuit or a cake? When they are online they go through various websites to find a great answer ahead. A cookie is a baked or cooked sweet dessert with the following ingredients flour, sugar, oil or fat. You can also … Continued


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