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2 Kg Cake

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Order the most incredible 2kg birthday cakes online

Making a cake was formerly a significant affair, but with the availability of modern technology and tools, it is no longer. Our bakers can create 2kg cake designs and work on their culinary abilities and expertise to create sumptuously delectable cakes. Before online purchasing, the only way to purchase a 2kg birthday cake or cake for any other occasion was to drive to a baker near your home or workplace and select from his restricted alternatives. Today the scenario is different. You can now order the most incredible 2kg birthday cake for boys online from YummyCake in seconds.

We use the best flavouring agents such as vanilla, dessert sauces, icings, piped borders, and so on. Making a cake was formerly a significant affair, but with the availability of modern technology and tools, it is no longer. At YummyCake, we bake the most stylish and artistic cakes in-house to make sure you get only the best.

2 Kg Cake Flavors Prices
Chocolate Truffle [2kg] 2399
Blueberry [2kg] 3049
Red Velvet [2kg] 2849
Butterscotch [2kg] 1949
Pineapple [2kg] 1999
Strawberry [2kg] 2399
KitKat Cake [2kg] 2549
Oreo Cake [2kg] 2449

Order 2kg cake for same-day delivery in Delhi NCR

Whatever your budget is, you will undoubtedly find the best styles and tastes on the quantity internet. Cake prices vary according to size, so anticipate a 2kg cake price more than a 1 kg cake, mainly if you pick distinctive patterns and exotic tastes. On the pricing front, it is suggested that one does extensive web research since you will likely find the finest offer and the cheapest bargain from one or more cake shops. If you anticipate a large audience to attend the event, it is best to order a 2kg cake so that all of your visitors may sample the specially prepared cake before leaving the celebration.

Send delectable 2kg cake online for any occasion

The 2kg cake is ideal for any occasion, including a birthday, anniversary, wedding, the birth of a child, special days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. There is no shortage of possibilities when selecting the proper cake for the occasion, from a basic hue chocolate cake to a white pineapple cake to sophisticated and beautifully designed 2kg cake designs for girls. While shopping online, it is best to spend a few hours browsing through several designs and taste combinations before settling on the final one.

The end effect is a smooth finish because of this. In addition, when it comes to dense or half birthday cake, our chefs choose the support with great care. Our chefs utilize Kitkat chocolate bars, cookie sticks, or even lollipop sticks in specific designs. All of your guests will be blown away by our 2kg birthday cakes, which come in various styles but are made with the same soft bread.

2 Kg Cakes Doorstep Delivery in Delhi NCR

YummyCake brings to you enticing 2 Kg cakes in a variety of flavours and designs. A 2 Kg cake is a fantastic way to celebrate a party with 16 to 20 guests. You can choose a delicious chocolate fruit cake or a stunning red velvet cake; our bakers bake the same to make your occasion blissful. Using healthy and fresh ingredients, they design cakes with sheer expertise and experience.

You have plentiful designs and flavours on our website. If you like, order the same as you see or you can customize the cake with your preference. Cake for girls, cartoon cakes, and photo cakes are some gorgeous varieties of our 2kg cakes. Bring the difference to your parties with delectable and attractive 2kg cakes with YummyCake.

Search for the best 2 Kg happy birthday cake from our website and order it by calling 9315262198. You may WhatsApp us or order directly from the website. We have activated the facility to accept Paytm. You can also select cash-on delivery options from our website in the areas of Delhi NCR, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Noida.

We are available 24/7. Make your special moments memorable with our 2 Kg cakes. Just grab a piece of cake from YummyCake and you will stop complaining. We are the best in the industry to provide delicious cakes. Our cakes have bliss in every bite. That’s why our tagline is #blissineverybite.

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