Birthday Cake

Send a Photo Cake Online to Surprise Your Loved Ones

Is not it a delight that her birthday is knocking on the door? No more days to wait for fulfilling her heartfelt wishes with gifts and surprises. You are truly excited to do something unusual this time. After all, she is a special and precious one in your life. Like every year, your head is packed with ideas and plans about how to make the big day more special, how to give her a breathtaking surprise, what can be the best gift for her, what color make her look like an angel, and everything related to the party. You have to chalk out things one by one to make the day a complete one.

Proper plans and ideas for a grand celebration

Your party plan should be started with a cake. Book a cake well in advance. A cake makes any occasion distinctive with its aristocracy and deliciousness. One thing you should keep in mind while selecting the cake, its flavor. The flavor should be of her choice. It can be a traditional vanilla flavor or a sophisticated butterscotch delight, prioritize her choice.

Online cakes with abundant attractions

Book your desired cake online to have profuse attractions. Online cake deliveries have the variety that you get cakes of your very specific choices. Suppose you desire a party cake with a special topping or icing. In a brick-and-mortar store, it is merely impossible to meet your expectations at one chance. But there are thousands of surprising features and flavors waiting for you in an online cake shop.

Customized cakes can create mesmerizing moments

If you want to surprise her with a customized cake nothing could be better than a photo cake. A photo cake is a real thrill on her day. You can add a fun photo where you two were busy fighting with each other. Or make her memorize that romantic minute where you two were closely tied in each other’s arm. Choose a picture that she blushes instantly remembering that pleasantest moment.

When your choice is to order a photo cake, choose a clear and high-resolution picture and send it online to the bakers. Now just wait and see how they add an edible picture on the cake with your desired flavor, topping, and design.

The significance of photo cake

  • Your choice of depiction replicated accurately on the cake
  • You can add high-resolution images with edible food colors
  • The image clarity is flawless
  • Safe and food-grade colorants are used with a layer of fruit gel
  • It increases the party fun when you are eating your face!
  • You can get photo cakes in your desired shape, size, and flavor
  • Eggless photo cakes are available
  • It needs minimal time to bake a photo cake
  • No extra cost you have to bear for making it

Sending photo cakes online is the newest fad among youngsters. If your loved one is a music lover you can attach a photo of her favorite singers while ordering the cake. Or to celebrate the team spirit, you can attach a photo of your favorite football team while enjoying the victory of a match.

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