Photo Cake

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Frequently Asked Question by Customers:

What is photo cake?

A photo cake is a type of cake that has a photo or image printed on it. The photo is usually printed using edible ink and is applied to the top of the cake.

How is a photo cake made?

The printing process for photo cookies and photo cupcakes is quite similar. We first print edible ink onto sugar-based icing sheets or wafer paper to create photo cakes. Next, we put it on top of the cake. Standard inkjet printers, most often Canon models, are the ones we use.

Are photo cakes safe to eat?

Absolutely, yeah! The edible paper is wholly non-hazardous and may be consumed without any concerns. It is perfectly safe for everyone to finish, from infants to older adults, so there is no need to be concerned about serving it.

Where can I get a photo cake in Delhi NCR?

Please place your order with YummyCake to provide this wonderful delicacy to sweeten every occasion. We have a broad selection of the most incredible Chocolate photo cakes that you won’t be able to resist.

How to order a photo cake?

Sending a cake is as simple as placing an order with us. We are well-known for providing the quickest cake delivery services. Simply visit our site and choose your design, make the payment, and sit back.

What is the cost of a photo cake?

Our photo-printed cake price starts as low as 799 INR. However, we offer the lowest photo cake price for 500gm in Delhi NCR.

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