Popular cake flavors in India

1.Sweet Red Velvet Cake

Sweet Red Velvet Cake

A perfect reddish cake that brings absolute happiness and love for your every celebration mainly on your anniversaries or birthdays of your special people. Red velvet cake signifies love in an elegant way which makes your special one get tempted to a heavenly look and taste of the cake. This red velvet cake is a very unique and special cake flavor which signifies your love, feel, and passion for your loved ones in the biggest reasonable ways. faridabad cake shop also online cake delivery in faridabad

Every celebration needs a  freshly baked moist and fluffy cream cake. So get your celebrations roaring with this layered red velvet that brings all of the happiness to your special celebration. Faridabadcake offers red velvet cream cheese frosting cake, photo cake, eagles red velvet cake, and more to make your day brighter. 

2. Yummy Black-Forest Cake

Yummy Black-Forest Cake

No amount of words can perfectly define the beauty and yummy taste of this black forest cake, that git nature and rich chocolate melting right inside your mouth at each bite. It is a layered cake that is whipped by rich and smooth white cream for satisfying your loved ones’ taste buds and makes you order it again and again.  If you are hosting any special events or gifting a cake to excite your special someone then this cake flavor can perfectly quote for everyone.   

Get ready to make your special day where this delicious flavor is known to bring a huge smile to your people’s faces. No one can easily say no to the deliciousness of the black forest cake which is why it got much popularity among the users around India.

 3. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Everyone loves cake and cakes are the first thing that people look at for their every celebration. The attention towards the cake is very similar to the attention that is given towards the chocolate cake. Delicious chocolate cake involves creams,  sweeteners, and more. There are many chocolate cake flavors accessible at many cake delivery stores these days. Faridabadcake offers a wide range of chocolate cakes that are mixed with other flavors too for making your celebration colorful and yummy. 

4. Vanilla cake

Vanilla cake

 Vanilla Cake is such a classic flavor that never lost its popularity to other flavors. This flavor is loved by every cake lover due to its delicious aroma and sweet flavor. There is a wide range of varieties accessible in the FaridabadCakes vanilla cakes collection. You could add any kind of frosting or topping on this vanilla cake, and can mix in another flavour that easily blends with this vanilla flavored cake perfectly.  Vanilla cake can go with any celebration and brighten up your moments. 


5. Strawberry cake

Strawberry cake

Strawberry flavours known for its bright pink and delicious sweetness and rich strawberry flavours. Who doesn’t love a pink coloured cake? If it’s the birthday of your special one who loves pink and fruits then go with this cake flaw puree that is made by fresh ripe strawberries.   These days people craving for this yummylicious strawberry flavor fit their every celebratory moment. 


 Bring much  joy on your peoples day  by getting it for them now. You could order normal strawberry cakes, or a strawberry designer cake or order a strawberry cake that is beautifully customized based upon your loved one’s preferences from FaridabadCake. You could utilize  strawberries  as an ingredient in your batter or chopped  strawberries in between the cake. They are utilized as the  chopped ones in the cream for garnishing your cake that makes you wonderful. 


6. Kitkat cake


Every kitkat lover loves  to have kitkat  once in a while.  So on their special days bring on kitkats to decorate their cake and blend them on your loved ones celebratory cakes. Either it’s an anniversary,  birthday,  or other celebrations, for a kitkat lover to pick this perfect celebratory cake. This  buttery and creamy kitkat cake could be the nicest dessert for your special events. A huge range of kitkat cakes offered at Faridabad Cake can’t make your special moments more special.  So buy a kitkat make and indulge yourselves in this heavenly taste. 


7. Pineapple Cake


Pineapple Cake is another popular cake where the fresh pineapple is compressed in the cake, and topped by pineapple toppings that male your cake more moist and sweet. This cake was filled with bread and a huge quantity of cream which was  normal, sweet and  enjoyed   by all.


8. Butterscotch Cake


A flavourful butterscotch  cake gets refreshed by the sweet Butterscotch essence and made by normal ingredients of every cake. Butterscotch is another classic flavour that tastes great even without adding eggs. This butterscotch cake flavour made with peanut that offers the great  taste of nuts.


9. Cheesecake


A pure smooth and ultra  creamy  classic cheesecake that tastes and looks like a pure soul by the buttery graham cracker crust. Everyone can clearly see its  decadence. Cheesecakes are baked in water by making these cakes  silky, creamy, smooth. These are velvety, thick, where there is no withholding with the flavor.


10. Blueberry cake


Blueberry cakes have the natural violet color by freezing dry blueberries. This cake can surely wow your loved ones.


This cake can also be filled with yummy  blueberry frosting which has all that raw blue-violet hue which is known to be very  hard for replicating with replica food coloring. Talking about the frosting, a few blueberry cakes  layered by using   blueberry cream cheese frosting which made this cake a true hit. 


These cakes are even  filled by frozen dried blueberries and  fresh blueberries for creating a flavorful blueberry cake.


11. Fruit cakes


Fruit cake can never sound delicious but tastes delicious. People think that fruit cakes are only bakkie for healthy eaters, but if you had a slice of fresh fruit cake you might change your mind. Try Faridabad Cakes fruit cake which are popular across Faridabad, Delhi and Noida.


Looking at the list of popular cake made you mouthwatering isn’t. Then don’t just control yourself because FaridabadCake is ready to get it delivered at your doorsteps. FaridabadCakes cakes are varied within a great range of flavours, shapes, designer cakes, photo cakes, customized cause and more. Get it delivered within few hours or at midnight to make yiff special celebration more beautiful. 


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