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Birthday Cake

15 Creative Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls

15 Creative Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls

Birthdays are so special to everyone’s life that they want to celebrate it with enormous joy. But, what do you need to celebrate a birthday? A little bit of decoration, some guests, surprise gifts and a birthday cake. A birthday cake is one of the most essential things to celebrate a birthday. So, here we’re going to discuss 15 creative ideas for a designer birthday cake for girls that make their birthdays memorable for their whole lives.

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Pokemon Cake

Pokemon Cartoon is one of the favorite cartoons of many children, especially girls. So you can buy a pokemon cake for your girl. In this cake, you can add the favorite characters of the girl by the customization options available in a cartoon birthday cake for girls at online cake stores. So this is the best surprise birthday cake for your loved ones.

pokemon birthday cake online

Barbie Cake

Barbie is one of the best themes for decorations and birthday cakes. Because girls are most likely to play with Barbie dolls and also like watching the shows of Barbie. So this is a great idea for a birthday cake for girls. You can order these designer Barbie cakes for girls from Yummy Cake’s Online Store.

online barbie cake for girls birthday

Jelly Hidden Inside Cake

As we all know Girls love surprises. In this birthday cake, you can hide jellies inside the top layer and your girl will surely love it. So try this hidden jelly cake for your girl’s surprise birthday party. You can customize it by hiding the chocolates inside the layer.

Disney Princess Cake

Disney Princess like Cinderella is loved by every girl. Try to give a surprise by choosing the Disney Princess cake for your girl. The cake bakers use sprinkles and jellies for making this more beautiful so it is a great option for her birthday cake.

disney cakes online

Hello Kitty Cake

The Hello Kitty cake is one of the best birthday cakes for girls. Girls like to play with the kittens. So to make your surprise enjoyable and memorable for them, you have to take care of their likes and wishes and this kitten theme cake is loved by girls all around the world.

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Age Cake

You can also choose the cake as per the age of the girl. This type of cake is especially loved by children and teenagers. And for making your surprise more special avail of the midnight cake delivery in Delhi by Yummy Cake and surprise her at midnight.

Butterfly Cake

Some girls like butterflies and nature very much, therefore, this cake will make your surprise memorable. You can easily purchase this type of cake from online stores to get it delivered to your doorstep. Try to choose the color of cake that is vibrant and eye-catching.

butterfly bouquet cake online

Mermaid Cake

Mermaid is also one of the most favorite characters of Girls. In a mermaid cake, you can design a layer like a mermaid. Try to choose a cartoon birthday cake for girls with the design of a mermaid with beautiful colors.

little mermaid cake online

Dream Castle Cake

Girls like to see the cartoons of Princess who have their castles. So girls also have a dream that they have their own castle. You can fulfill the wish of a girl in your style with designer cakes for girls. Girls love this type of surprise.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow is something that everyone loves. So this rainbow theme cake is one of the best cakes for the birthday cake surprise for girls. In this rainbow cake, the internal layers are made up of bright colors. Just fly the horses of your imagination and see. This cake is best to surprise your little ones.

rainbow pinata chocolate cake online

Ice Cream Dip Cake

Ice Cream Dip Cake is something that the child likes. So this birthday cake is one that you definitely can opt for. In this birthday cake, one layer is made of a Cone type and this layer is placed upside down on the main layer.

Princess Doll Cake

Girls have their many favorite characters of dolls. You can design the cake as per the girl’s likes with the customization option. Your girl will love this because girls like colorful surprises.

princess birthday cake online

Superhero Cake

Every girl has their favorite superhero she wants to meet. So you can surprise her with this superhero birthday cake for girls. This superhero concept is loved by every girl.

Superhero theme cake

Emoji Cake

Due to an increase in the trend of emojis on social media, it is a great idea to surprise her with a birthday cake of emojis. You can opt for the love emoji and other ones. The yellow color is something that reminds us of emojis. So this color is one of the best choices for an emoji cake.

emoji birthday cake online

Flowers Cake

A sweet flower cake decorated with flowers of different and attractive colors is something that can melt any girl. This type of cake is easily available in the market. If you want to do some extraordinary work then you can purchase a simple flower cake from any store and can decorate that on your own according to the girl’s wishes.

So, this is our list of the top 15 birthday cakes for girls. I hope you all like our ideas about making these beautiful cakes.

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