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10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Christmas

10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Christmas

The birthday of the Lord Jesus is celebrated on 25th December and is called Christmas. This festival celebrates joy and gaiety in most countries of the world. It appears that this date was picked because of its proximity to Makar Sankranti, a Roman celebration  Christmas celebrations nowadays include gift-giving, religious services, and a variety of decorations. The Christmas decor displays a Christmas tree, vibrant lights, and other decorations. Here is the purpose behind Christmas:

 1. Birth of Messiah Jesus Christ : 

According to Christian belief, Lord Jesus Christ was born on 25 December which everyone came to know as Christmas.  On this day, according to popular belief, Jesus Christ was born at Mary’s home. According to an old myth, Maryam dreamt After having this dream, Mary became pregnant and was compelled to give birth in Bethlehem.

One fine day, when the night got longer, Mary could not see any right place to stay. She was forced to make a halt under such trying conditions at a former animal husbandry facility. Our precious Lord Jesus was born to Mary the very following day, on December 25.  It is said that it was the Lord Jesus Christ who founded Christianity.

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2. Spread Positive Vibes :

The holiday season officially begins around Christmas. It is a unique and enchanted vacation that is adored by both young and old people worldwide. The Christmas holiday encourages people to coexist peacefully with one another.

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3. A festival without limits

Christmas is a sign of our unity in a country rich in variety, thus we all celebrate Christmas events together despite differences in caste and religion. In India, no event is complete without scrumptious food, and the Christmas festival is no exception. It’s a celebration of compassion.

4. The way of purity

This event instills the spirit of purity in everyone’s head and heart and motivates us with fresh vigor to continue on the path of purity despite numerous obstacles. We should also assist others in doing the same.

5. Keep people from sinning:

People continue to celebrate Christmas day well into the night by going to malls and restaurants and dancing to music. It purifies the energies and welcomes the energy of Jesus to the earth.

According to popular belief, the Lord came to earth to save lives and shield humanity from pain and sin.

6. Light up the entire planet:

South Indian Christians burn clay lights on rooftops with oil, which is a traditional practice.

In fact, in certain locales, cutting a fruit-filled Christmas cake is a tradition to honor Jesus Christ’s birthday. The kids wait for Santa and his Elves to bring attractive gifts for the kids. 

Upon Christmas Eve, kids hang an empty sock next to the chimney so that he can fill it with tiny gifts when he visits. HO HO HO!

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7. Mutual love and brotherhood:

Just as every festival gives some teachings and messages, similarly Christmas also teaches us about mutual love, brotherhood, and benevolence. The way God Jesus Christ worked for humanity, for mutual harmony in his short lifetime, he is a source of inspiration for all of us.

8. Happiness:

Such festivals have great importance in the establishment of happiness, peace, and prosperity in the world. Jesus said that God loves all his children immensely, so we should also make a relationship with God through practicing and harnessing love in our lives. 

9. Prosperity of all:

Christmas is celebrated by bringing a Christmas tree and decorated with brightly colored pacers, toys, golden stars, balloons, bells, fruits, flowers, nuts, sweets. etc. Christian people gather around this tree and pray to Jesus Christ and sing songs and pray for the happiness, prosperity, and peace of all.

10. Follow the path of truth:

Jesus devoted his whole life to human salvation. Every year his birthday also inspires us to follow the paths of truth, non-violence, loyalty, kindness, etc.

People invite each other to the feast and exchange cakes as gifts. Christmas is a celebration that recognizes the happiness of giving and caring. Christians even like to bake different types of cakes in their homes which is a Christmas ritual in itself. People rejoice with friends, family, and neighbors on this day, decorate their Christmas trees, and sing carols.

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Best Cakes for Christmas Day Celebrations

Christmas cake is called Plum Pudding. No matter how delicious the pudding is, it is incomplete without Christmas-tree decorations. A Christmas tree placed in a pudding or cake is a symbol of eternal life.

Cakes are the life of Christmas celebration. Christmas is considered incomplete without it. People of the Christian community greet each other by feeding cakes and merry Christmas cake is just yummy and a remembrance of your celebration.

Small toppings and edible decorations like an edible Christmas tree make it even more delightful for the eyes. 

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