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Raksha Bandhan, the celebration of love and bond

Raksha Bandan

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion of Hinduism. Raksha means ‘protection’ and Bandhan means ‘to tie’. On this day, sisters tie a sacred thread called ‘Rakhi’ around their brother’s wrist. It is the symbol of love and commitment between siblings. It strengthens the ‘brothers-sisters’ relationship. On this propitious moment, brothers promise to protect their sisters in any circumstance of life. It is one of the significant festivals in India celebrated almost all states.

This ancient occasion is considered sacred and lucky. From a week before, a lot of preparation starts for the celebration. Sisters choose and buy favorite Rakhis for their brothers. Brothers also buy different gifts for their sisters. The houses are decorated and illuminated by candles and lights. Sisters arrange desired menus of their brothers. The rituals start early in the morning with ‘Diya’, ‘roli’, sweets, ‘rice grains’, and ‘Rakhis’. Home-made sweets are kept on a plate and sisters feed their brothers after knotting the thread on brother’s wrist to maintain the sweet relationship for a lifetime.

From far places, brothers come to meet their sisters on this day. Sometimes Indian Railway arranges special trains on this day to ease travelling difficulties. Even rakhis are sent to brothers who live far away from homes and cannot attend the festivity. The postal department designs designer envelops at low cost to value the significance of the day. The whole country overflows by joy, love, and festive mood.

Today it’s not a festivity for siblings only. It is celebrated among friends, sisters, brothers, and colleagues to strengthen the harmony and love of a relationship. In every nook and corner of cities and towns, stalls and shops are shown selling different types of ‘Rakhis’ with colorful threads, beads, glasses, sequences, and glitters. Though there are many fables and myths in Indian history to describe the day, this generation celebrates it with real zest and modern styles.

How to make the “Raksha Bandhan” celebration special this year?

Have you any plan on this Raksha Bandhan day? Do you want to surprise your sister? With a touch of designer cakes, you can make the day more special and delightful. Cakes are the perfect fit for any festivity. It will be the perfect fusion of tradition and new trends when you order an alluring cake for your sister. It can be a fondant cake, or a black forest cake or a fabulous photo cake with her beautiful picture. A mouth-watering cake is the prettiest way to show how precious she is in your life. A beautifully-adorned cake will certainly take a real zeal in your festivity.

Choose an innovative cake shop

Yummy Cake offers an exclusive range of Raksha Bandhan Cakes for the requirements of cake for brothers or cake for sisters. It knows the emotional value of the day.  It knows how to make the tie stronger between siblings. The cakes are made with fresh ingredients and the touch of love. The bakers know the significance of the day and it reflects on their creations. Every design is new and creative. Also, a custom-made cake can be the centerpiece of the occasion.

Send your love and blessing to your sibling, book a cake online

If you cannot join Raksha Bandhan festivity in your home, there is no more frustration than it. Still, you can bring a smile to your sister’s face by sending a beautiful cake online. It will make her feel good that how you miss her on this auspicious day. For the cake delivery in Delhi NCR, Yummy Cake is a renowned and trusted name. To make this Raksha Bandhan special and memorable in all respect, order a delicious cake and enjoy the blessing of having a sibling with Yummy Cake. For the ordering purpose or other details, visit the website.

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