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How to Make Your Loved Ones Happier with Unique Cake Designs

Each year is loaded with countless celebrations.
What’s common is a delicious cake with a unique cake design!
Surprise your loved ones every time with a theme based cake!!

Ranging from weddings and birthdays to anniversaries, retirements, office parties, achievement celebrations, New Year parties and Valentine’s Day celebrations etc. – you seem to be occupied with finalizing a different cake for each occasion. Well, the challenge here is not choosing a unique cake every time. It is rather choosing a reputed and reliable cake shop near you. If you have finalized a popular bakery, it can certainly cater to your cake-needs for any occasion. We all wish to be treated specially by our loved ones. Especially when it comes to cakes, even our dear ones appreciate the classy and elegant designs of the cakes.

Cake Shops Near You for Unique Cake Designs-

Bakery players like “YummyCake” are specialized in the artistry of your preferred cake designs. The chefs or bakers at this bakery are skilled in preparing creative cakes with your desired ingredients and flavors. Whenever it comes to online cake delivery in Delhi or Faridabad or the adjoining regions, “Yummy Cake” serves as the best choice for improvised designs of cakes.

Whenever you are ordering a cake for anyone, what matters the most is its appearance. If the cake is crafted beautifully and prepared with fresh & moist bread, it would look appealing to everybody. There are a number of designs popular in the industry, which are preferred by people from all age groups. You can choose any from number cake, photo cake, fresh fruits cake, heavy multi-layered cake etc. While ordering, you should be very specific about the taste and likings of the person who you wish to surprise. If this is a wedding cake, nothing can beat a heavy multi-layered cake. But when it comes to the kids, you can go for a number cake as well as a cartoon or a superhero cake. Some of the popular designs these days are:

  • For kids’ birthdays: drums birthday cake, Mickey Mouse cake, superhero cakes, farmhouse cakes, cartoon cakes (like Lego, Angry Birds etc.), castle cake, colourful Ombre cakes, Barbie cakes, makeup kit cake, dress cake, princess cake, babydoll cake, Minnie Mouse cake, number cake, tiara cake, baby-in-a-bathtub cake, carousel cake, safari themed cake etc.
  • For youth birthdays: tuxedo & mustache cake, whiskey/champagne bottle cake, photo cake, block cake, football-themed cake etc.
  • For Valentine’s Day: Ombre cake, red velvet cake, heart-shaped cake, photo cake etc.
  • For weddings/anniversaries: champagne bottle cake, multi-layer cake etc.

For retirement parties, New Year or other general celebrations: Ombre cake, number cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake, photo cake, chocolate cake, dry fruit cake, family cake, seasonal cake etc.

Online Cake Delivery to Surprise Your Loved Ones

online cake delivery

The idea to surprise your loved ones or make them happier multiplies when you get an online cake delivery in Faridabad, Delhi or Noida. Imagine a situation when you are sitting idle at home, not indulged into any preparations. And suddenly the doorbell rings with a surprise! Especially, when it is a midnight celebration and your loved ones know that you have not arranged for any cake for them – but your trusted bakery shop delivers your desired cake right at midnight. Yes, with increasing demands of the customers, players like YummyCake have now started the service of midnight cake delivery in Faridabad or your nearby areas.

These unique design cakes are available in different flavors – and are prepared with the ingredients of your choice. Despite being 100% eggless, these cakes are perfectly suited to raise the excitement level at any gathering or party.

Unique cake designs serve as the highlight of your celebrations.
Just grab your phone and get hassle-free online cake delivery!!

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