quality time with loved ones

Top 5 ways to Express Your Unconditional Love

Love is the greatest bonding that brings two people close to each other and gives them a reason to feel happy. If you love someone, it is mandatory to show this love and make one feel the warmth and bondage of relationship. Do you know how to communicate love with fervor? If not, it is … Continued

occasions for gifting a cake

Popular Indian Occasions for Gifting a Cake

Gifts and occasions are a complement to each other. All major and minor occasions in India demand celebrations and celebrations are incomplete without gifts. Gifts can be anything but a gift that comes in the form of a cake makes a big difference. The cake is a sweet dessert that brings happiness and makes any … Continued

Celebrate Your Child's 1st Birthday

Perfect Way To Celebrate Your Child’s 1st Birthday

1st birthday of a child is a great occasion that brings all family members and near and dear ones together. This occasion can be small or big as per preferences of the party organizer. When it comes to celebrating the very first birthday of your beloved ones, you simply need to look for some interesting and … Continued


Cake or Cookie? Which is Your Favorite One?

A large number of people like to search a simple question: Is a cookie a biscuit or a cake? When they are online they go through various websites to find a great answer ahead. A cookie is a baked or cooked sweet dessert with the following ingredients flour, sugar, oil or fat. You can also … Continued

customized theme cakes

Customized Theme Cakes: The Latest Trend For Any Celebration

The literal meaning of customized is a modification of something to suit a particular individual or task. The same concept also applies to a cake product. All taste, needs, and preferences are not same. That is why online cake shops are ready to cater the needs of customized theme cakes lover as per their food … Continued

Christmas Fruit Cake

Top 10 Christmas Gift ideas for 2017

Christmas gift ideas might be in abundant number, but you need to be very careful while choosing a specific gift for the occasion. Go through the gifts ideas mentioned below and plan your celebration accordingly. Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone knows Christmas is an auspicious evening of giving gifts. But presenting the most beautiful … Continued

Raksha Bandhan Gifts

Top Rakhi Gifts Ideas For 2017

This year, Raksha Bandhan falls on 7th of August. As Rakhi is round the corner, all of us are geared up to celebrate this occasion of love between brothers and sisters. It is quite clear that Rakhi is celebrated with great pomp and pleasure and it also symbolizes an immortal bond between brothers and sisters. It … Continued

YummyCake on Youtube

At YummyCake you can find mouthwatering and delicious cakes for your occasions, But today we are not talking about any cakes and it’s recipe. Today I am sharing Yummy cakes YouTube channel with my users and we have uploaded our first video about Yummycake #Onlinecakedelivery. We would like to thank you to all my lovely users … Continued

Holi Special gift_Yummycake

Let’s make Holi more special With YummyCake

How it all started Holi is known as the festival of colors. It is celebrated all around India and Nepal. Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil and it embarks the arrival of spring, concluding that it’s the end of winter. For the majority of people, it’s a day to express love with others, … Continued


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