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3 Quintessential Cake Flavours to Celebrate Her Special Day

Chocolate cake

Do you feel very excited every year when her birthday comes? That 16 years girl to the matured lady whom you are living with has been very special always in your life. As you love her with no bound you always try to find out the best thing to surprise her on her day. Whether it is a captivating gift or an enchanting birthday cake of her choice, your focus stays the same and it is to make her blooming and happy all day. She has high expectation and you are the reason why she expects more and more every year. So, what is the plan for this time? Have you thought anything special for her? Here are three classy cake flavors to make her surprised and happy on her day.

Vanilla Cake

Vanilla cake is truly delicious with its countless designs. It is of the most popular and basic flavors loved by people. The secrets of a fluffy and tasty vanilla cake are the cake flour, experienced mixing methods, real vanilla essence, lot of butter, and the skill of bakers.

  • All-purpose flour is not much good but gluten less, corn-starch mixed cake flour works best in creating soft, fluffy, and light cakes.
  • Cheap butter contains more water. Deliciousness comes with top-class butter. High-quality salted butter makes everything tasty with its touch. It brings softness and better flavor in cakes.
  • Though real vanilla is costly it is the only key to make a vanilla cake just perfect. Pure vanilla extract brings the best flavor in cakes and justifies the name “vanilla Cake”.
  • Edible flowers, ribbons, and seasonal fruits are used for the decorating and topping purpose. In the market, vanilla cakes are available in various shapes, sizes, tiers, and designs.

Chocolate Cake

With so many special levels of richness, the chocolate cake remains the most attractive ones to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, wedding parties and more. From children to middle-aged to seniors, chocolate has the real bang on people. A chocolate cake is the best centerpiece for any reception. It is the madness to young and children. It is for its intricate patterns and an outwardly infinite number of colors, available in the market.

  • To bring extra fluffiness, it is a must to use the appropriate amount of leavening agent. Too much of this agent will deteriorate the quality while too little will make the cake hard.
  • To maintain the perfect moisture, the quantity of butter or oil should be perfect. An expert baker does the job skillfully.
  • It needs nice-quality cocoa powder, fresh ingredients, the perfect balance of sweetness, and the baker’s skill to make a luscious chocolate cake.
  • Coffee is a great substitute to make a cake much chocolaty.
  • To boost the mood, chocolate cake is the perfect energizer to any celebration.

Strawberry Cake

The sweet taste of strawberry cakes is just great for any occasion. Many people like it because of its sweet pink color. A designer strawberry cake is the first choice of a baby girl on her birthday. Strawberry is a seasonal fruit and it is a great source of antioxidant. Its less-sweet taste is preferred by many food lovers. Garden fresh strawberries are caramelized to be used as frosting and icing.

  • It is one of the traditional flavors for making delicious cakes for any celebrations.
  • Fresh butter and whole milk are added to taste so high.
  • Eggless strawberry cakes are available in the market in different shapes, sizes, and designs.
  • Baker’s secret is to use fresh ingredients to bring breathtaking taste and attractive appearance in a cake.
  • To bring extra fancy look and deliciousness, bakers design personalized strawberry chocolate cakes, strawberry vanilla cakes, and more.

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