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Top 5 Surprises Best Birthday Cakes

When you are online, you will be able to get a wide and exhaustive array of cakes for all important occasions. Best birthday cakes are sold in a large number compared to other cake types. That is why there are more varieties, flavors, sizes, and types of birthday cake delivery online available. Have you ever imagined which cake should be the right fit for your forthcoming birthday party? If you have fed up with using the same and repetitive cakes, then it is high time to think of something different that not only catches all eyes but also makes people go drool over it with just a single glimpse. Following are the top five surprise cakes for birthdays that are ready to rock the show and give you a reason to add more colors and character to your birthday in a flawless manner.

Barbie doll

Oggy Birthday Cake: This surprise cake can be great fun for kids on their birthdays as this cake is based on animated cartoon characters. This cake has an innate ability to give hundred of smiles on your child’s face. You can easily buy online Oggy and Cockroaches cake from reputed online cake shops. Interestingly, this cake is generally available in the black forest, butterscotch, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.

Oggy Birthday Cake
Oggy Birthday Cake

Pineapple Photo Cake: A pineapple photo cake with images of beautiful butterflies from online cake shops is ready to steal your heart. Interestingly, a pineapple cake is the yummiest cake and it will make your birthday more joyful when it has crystal clear images of your buddies. You can have this sort of photo cake at your doorstep when you go for a reliable and fast same-day and midnight cake delivery in Noida.

pineapple cake
    Pineapple Cake

Birthday Car Cake: This cake type will definitely smite you if you are a sports lover.  Car birthday cake would really be the best birthday gift for your young son. Just write his name on the birthday car cake and make him feel special on a day when he deserves a birthday special.

Birthday Car Cake
    Birthday Car Cake

Princess Crown Cake: This is nothing but a special gift for your sweetheart. This simple girly and glittery princess cake is specially made for a little girl turning into a lass. Moreover, this cake has a toy crown on top. You can also personalize this cake by adding a photo layer made of edible rice.

princess cake
   Princess Cake

Guitar Cake: As your birthday falls only once a year, leave no stone unturned to make it an unforgettable one. Nothing can be more amazing and eye-catching than a passionate guitar cake that will bring the best musician out of you.

guitar cake

With these 5 top surprise cakes, get ready to serve up fun and fantastic food in the form of a sweet dessert for your next birthday party. If you love unique cakes for birthdays, then choose any of the mentioned-above cakes types and ensure them at your home with a cake delivery.

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