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Things To Do For Golden Wedding Anniversary

Things To Do For Golden Wedding Anniversary

For people, anniversaries are major moments to remember as each one celebrates a momentous stage of their lives. So, to everyone, centering on choosing the right anniversary celebration ideas is an important concern. Especially for special occasions like a couple’s fiftieth year of marriage. While saying this is true, deciding on what to do or how to manage the tasks is not simple. There are many things you must consider first. Here, you would learn a lot of details related to this.

golden wedding aniversary

Planning the Anniversary Party

There are various things you can and should focus on for the golden wedding anniversary party planning

  • Set the date

While setting the venue, another important factor you should consider is the date. In case you place an anniversary cake order online or pre-book a popular event venue, booking ahead of time is important. For the best-case scenario, you should make your booking at least 3-6 months ahead of time.

  • Find the location

The first step of the planning process entails choosing the right venue for the party itself. Many people decide to organize this in their own homes. Others book a separate location. In case you are choosing the latter, carefully check out different venues and their reviews. If you are going for nostalgia, you can select the same venue where the married couple tied their knot.

  • Plan the guest list

Next, you need to decide who would come to the golden wedding anniversary. Before listing out the names or planning the invitation type, figure out if your event is more informal or formal.

Choose your guests and the total number of invites carefully thereafter. Acquire all of the addresses and mail them out, after designing them in an appealing style. Instead of this, you can create and send e-invites, too.

  • Venue décor

Following this, you must prepare the venue in the right manner for the main event. There are specific themes that go well with 50th-anniversary events, like putting more focus on maintaining a golden color palette.

Here, keep most of the accessories and decorations, like tablecloths, flowers, and napkins in a yellow hue. Use gold-rimmed glasses and plates.

In contrast, you can also choose a different route for your anniversary surprise ideas related to décor. Like, you can plan the arrangements of the party and the overall décor reminiscent of their original wedding.

  • Celebrate memories

At the anniversary party, you can prepare activities that highlight the most crucial moments in the main couple’s life story. For example, create a video montage of their time together or interviews of close relatives talking about them.
Prepare a film of it all, or make photo albums or scrapbooks. You can even practice and perform a skit showcasing a humorous depiction of their love story.

  • Anniversary cake

One of the most important things to focus on for planning an unforgettable golden wedding anniversary party is the food. So, place a designer cake online order from a top-rated confectioner.

Get customized designs and choose from different flavors, like strawberry, black forest, or the common favorite, chocolate. Add their names or messages like “Happy Golden Age of Marriage” on the cake.

Tips to Make the Golden Anniversary Event Unique

Here are some exceptional things you can do to plan and organize a high-quality and exciting Golden Wedding Anniversary.

  • Photo train décor

One of the most interesting and romantic tactics you can use to decorate the space in an unforgettable manner is with photographs. Here, instead of gathering simple photo albums, fashion a train of their photos using a single string. Then, hang the train throughout the room for people to walk around and see their memories.

  • Interesting games

You can organize fun games for all guests starring the golden couple, like couple trivia. Other exciting games are available for a fun party atmosphere that you can plan out.

  • Select the right music

To prepare a good ambiance, music plays an important role. So, you should carefully decide on the soundtrack for the night, adding songs that are special to the couple. Such options can include popular love songs or ones that they danced together to at their wedding.

  • Choose food wisely

One of the things you should focus on primarily is the food. For example, when you are ordering a wedding anniversary cake, make sure to hire good-quality professionals. Put the same level of attention on the menu.

Include items from the couple’s favorite cuisine or particular dishes that they have fond memories of. For example, the first dish they had together on their first date.

Notable Points to Remember

Make sure to follow these points carefully.

  • You can arrange the party theme around gold. However, there is no need to actually give gifts made of the metal gold itself.
    Keep the gifts at a different location, if any. Offer them to the couple at the end of the party.
  • Avoid giving gag gifts as golden anniversaries are mostly classy and formal.
  • Do not make the couple pay for anything related to the party
  • Set a time for people to make toasts for the couple


Overall, prepare for the golden anniversary celebration with aplomb and excitement. Verify the service providers and vendors before signing them up for the event. Not to mention, plan the entire process carefully for the best result.

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