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Six Ways to Honor Daughters on the Daughter’s Day

Six Ways to Honor Daughters on the Daughter’s Day

“Daughters are little angels who grow up becoming your best friend! “
Daughters are the best gift of god. They spread love and happiness with their kindness, smile, and beauty. With her footsteps, a house becomes a home. In India, girls are considered the symbol of wealth and happiness in a family. Also, it is a country where women are the victim of social violence, gender inequality, early marriage, molestation, and dowry. To increase the awareness of people and to stop all the abhorrent activities against women, daughter’s day is quite significant to celebrate.

National Daughter’s Day

National daughter’s day is celebrated in India on the 4th Sunday of September every year across the country. This year it is on 22nd September. The significance of the day is to honor the daughters and their sacrifices for their families. It is a celebration to respect for girls and appreciation for everything they do. We see many shameful incidents in newspapers about the violence against women including female feticide. On the auspicious moment of daughter’s day, we should promise that every girl in our country gets the proper education, nutrition, medical care, equality, protection, and love.
Six ways to celebrate the significance of daughter’s day:

Appreciate her

Forgive small mistakes she does and fill her heart with appreciation notes. Note down a list of things you feel glad about your daughter and give it to her. Children love to get admiration and it will increase their confidence.

Go for an outing

Every girl wants to spend quality time with her family. Get some time from your busy schedule to surprise her with a great day outing. Make a secret plan and take her for a long drive to explore a new place. Museums, zoos, amusement parks, and the water world are some places children love to enjoy with their families. Watching movies with popcorn can be a lovely choice on this daughter’s day.

Liberty of doing mess

Make her free to do any mess sometimes. If she loves crafting or painting, allow her to do it for an unlimited time. Consider all the mess she does by spreading colors, spoiling glue, cutting papers, etc. Just enjoy what she enjoys. Sometimes she needs your favor.

Make special foods

Making delicious food items could be the best option for daughter’s day. It can be a homemade pizza, a cup of creamy cold coffee, or a mouth-watering tutti-frutti vanilla ice cream. Making her favorite items at home is the cutest way to show how important she is in your life.

Decorate her room

Room decoration with her favorite things is a great idea to make your darling happy on this day. Enjoy it with her. You can fix any picture or portrait in her room that shows kindness or animal love. It will increase her moral values and respect for you.

Surprise her

Having a son is happiness but having a daughter is a blessing from god. So, fill her every day with love, respect, and care. On this daughter’s day, surprise her with her desired gifts. A cute milk glass with her image or a box of chocolates or her favorite Barbie will fill her heart with abundant joy. 

Grow your daughter as an independent, confident, and educated one to fight the battle against gender discrimination, early marriage, communal violence, domestic dominance, and dowry. Make close bonding with her. Nurture her strongly to make her a strong woman in the future. Daughter’s day is the day to celebrate with a morning wish for your darling daughter.
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