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Popular Cakes to Order Online for Celebrating Holi

Popular Cakes to Order Online for Celebrating Holi

Holi is a festival of bright colors and it’s all about celebrations and good food.  Holi is the time of the year when relatives and friends gather around.

As it’s Holi many people visit their family or friends’ houses so you can find a great range of sweet delicacies made to treat and visit your family and friends. However, no people will allow you to go around without eating a sweet dessert on hold. Because sweets on Holi are assumed to be messengers of good luck and joy. Cakes always delight your people’s moods and celebrations. Here are the top delicacies to order for this Holi 2022. 

1. Kitkat Cake

A perfect Holi cake to celebrate with your loved ones that is filled with bright and multicolored gems. Chocolates are always adored by every family meeting. As Holi celebrations crave something sweet, order this colorful chocolate cake which has tasty and crunchy KitKat bars around the cake. This cake just looks like a bouquet of kit kat that is tied by a ribbon. 

Hearty Choco KitKat Cake

2. Pinata Cake

Pinata is a huge trend these days. As Yummy Cake offers customization you can either fill this pinata cake with candies or something that you love to make your job celebration a tremendous day. Due to the lockdown, you might be forced to stay in your home at the Holi celebration.

But that doesn’t mean you can have fun in your home. Yummy Cake delivers your cake safely to your doorsteps within time by following all the rules and regulations declared by the government. So, get this cake and hit it to see the splash of colours that make your day.   

chocolate pinata cake

3. Blueberry Fruit Cake

Whoever said all healthy things aren’t beautiful and delicious? If you order this gorgeous cake you will change your opinion for sure. This blueberry fruit cake is pure joy and delight that makes it perfect to have on your Holi celebrations. 

All the assortment of colourful fruits thrown over this cake includes strawberries, kiwi, apples, lemons, chocolate shavings, cherries, blueberries, and more to make it more healthy and lovely. Along with fruit cream. frosting and yummy blueberry puree that is made with fresh and ripe blueberries is layered smoothly to give it a top-notch look for this Holi season. 

yummy blueberry cake

4. Colorful Star Cake

Nothing can beat a colourful rainbow theme cake that is topped with vivid stars all over the cake. A flavoured and delicious cake is deliciously frosted with fluffy cream and whipped cream. It just looks like a cake that got colourful drips from the top of the cake. Thinking about getting a cake for your kid this holiday, then order this cake now. Fill your cake with the flavour you desire so you can even customize this cake for a much better surprise.  


5. Chocolate Drizzle Cake

Who doesn’t love to take a bite of chocolate? A bar of warm and tasty chocolate can easily melt in your best one’s mouth and give your people a taste of something remarkable that your people always talk about for every holiday. With a bunch of chocolate such as KitKat, Ferrero rocher chocolates, shots, chocolate bars, and chocolate-filled cookies over hot and savoury lava of chocolate that just looks like nothing less than a bucket of chocolates. You can’t easily take your eyes off your cake and that yummy dripping of chocolate makes you scream ooh and aah. 

chocolate Drizzle

6. Photo Cake Combo

We all know that times will never be the same. Last year you and your pals might have extraordinarily celebrated Holi. But this year your people can have their ongoings and can miss Holi celebrations. So, gift this cake to your people that are likely to miss this 2022 celebration. This heart-shaped poked by different pictures.

Do you have any pictures from your last year’s Holi celebration, then send them to YummyCake. YummyCake beautifully arranges them on your cake. You can even add a special message on the same. The best thing about this cake is that you could deliver a gorgeous flower bouquet along with this cake. Best way to celebrate and wish your people this Holi. 

Holi Gifts Yummycake

7. Flamboyant tiered cake

Tiered cakes from Yummy Cake always please us with creative and stunning themed cakes.  These two tired bright fondant cakes make you dip your finger in the cake. A super fun and colourful one to order for the Holi celebrations or even after the Holi party. Spectacular and colorful polka dots and gems topper over this cake along with lollipops and tiny flowers. Looks like a fountain of chocolate and flowers, but on Holi, it resembles a pot of colours.

3 tier anniversary celebration cake

8. Red velvet cake

Red is always the popular colour to look at Holi. It always got huge fans and the face that splashed with red color easily got identified in the crowd. Bring home a scrumptious red velvet cake to delight your people with a tangy and sweet flavour. Although most of the Holi sweets are made to be tangy and sweet that makes this red velvet cake a perfect option to gift for your best one or to order for yourself. You can also customize this cake by adding a theme, picture, personalized message, or anything else that you love to have on your Holi celebrations. 

red velvet birthday cake

Special Holi cake to order this Holi

This year Holi might be a little different due to covid-19 but don’t let that dishearten you. You may not celebrate Holi with colours but you can always cake online. YummyCake has been a popular name among cake lovers for many years. Their non-stop improvements and creative and funny cake designs along with the finest quality made it stand strong wherever it is today.  

YummyCake is dedicated to serving cakes for each and every celebration, and Holi is not exception. Holi is a special occasion that could never end without a cake and fun and coarse colours. Their colourful compositions of Holi-themed cakes from YummyCake praise the vibrant Holi with pure warmth and grace. Along with look and taste, delicious Holi cakes are delivered within time to your doorsteps. Whether you satisfy your cake bites as a party snack or dessert, YummyCake surely makes your Holi enjoyment overwhelming. You could even customize your cake as per your Holi celebrations. They offer trendy flavours such as strawberry,  pineapple, red velvet, chocolate, and more. Get it at midnight or within a few hours with free delivery services. 

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