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Lip-Smacking Plum Cake ideas on the Christmas Eve

Lip-Smacking Plum Cake ideas on the Christmas Eve

Christmas is one of the great festivals that bring new hope and happiness to people. This is such a festivity that people wait for throughout the year. Happiness comes to everyone’s home with Santa Claus. People are in a holiday mood everywhere around the towns and cities. With the cold winter breeze, everybody shares fun and happiness with relatives and celebrates this great festivity with joy and ecstasy. And Christmas is intoxicating and irresistible with delicious sweets, chocolates, and desserts.

No Christmas celebration is complete without gifts and cakes. When Santa Claus brings gifts for children, we people create extra-blissful moments by making traditional Christmas cake designs. Plum cakes are ideal for this occasion for years. This is similar to fruit cakes where seasonal fruit, dry nuts, prunes, and raisins are used to make heavy, spongy, dark, and classic cakes.

History of traditional plum cakes at the Christmas

The plum cake idea has come from plum porridge that people ate on Christmas Eve after a day of fasting. To enhance the taste, soon people added dried fruits, honey, and spices to the porridge, and eventually, it is changed into a pudding-like dessert. People of the 16th century removed oatmeal from the recipe and added wheat flour, eggs, and butter to make it lighter and mouth-in-melt.

The dry fruits and spices are soaked in alcohol or fruit juice for months and then used in cakes. So, plum cakes have a special and intense aroma that makes it unusual and different than others. People may have confused about the difference between plum cakes and fruit cakes. The fact is plum cakes belong to the fruit cake category. The only difference is the making manner. Plum cakes are prepared by different procedures.

Order Christmas cake online

Christmas is an ideal break from a busy and monotonous life. It is time to enjoy with families and friends to share fun, food, and gifts. Nowadays, people don’t like to waste their time making traditional Santa Claus cakes but, they prefer to buy them from the market. It is because; celebration cakes are available in a great variety in the market. Then why do you effort hard in arranging classy ingredients and baking desserts? Just make a phone call and order a delectable fruit cake or traditional Santa cake on the evening of Christmas. Online cake deliveries take the charge happily to deliver sweetness at your place with the right portion of joy and magnetism.

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