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Is it Safe to Buy Cake Online During Coronavirus?

Is it Safe to Buy Cake Online During Coronavirus?

From the moment the lockdown was imposed for controlling the spread of coronavirus our lives have become a lot more complicated. And, one of the biggest challenges which have been created by this situation is getting food or cakes for celebrations. Just imagine a task that was as simple as ordering takeout has become so frightening with questions such as if it is safe to order it online? However, people have become extra cautious about their personal hygiene but ordering eatables involve several strangers from the preparation of the food to its delivery to your house.

However, as the coronavirus count in India increases some cake delivery services such as Yummycake are stepping up safety measures so that their consumers can still celebrate their special occasions with joy & with their unique photo cake. And, they have rolled out a bunch of safety measures along with contactless food delivery. Now let me answer the most important question of these times that is it safe to buy cake online during such crisis situations of COVID-19 spread.
order Cake Online During Coronavirus

I would say yes because first of all there is currently no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted through the food which is particularly true for baked food such as cakes. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take precautions at the time of ordering cake online. In fact, you need to be concerned because ordering anything online could lead to exposure to deliverers who encounter many people daily.

But there are a few ways by which you can mitigate the risks. So, have a look at some good practices and safety tips that you must follow if you decide to order a designer cake for your birthday online.

This is a very complicated situation and therefore it isn’t the time to experiment with the new bakers. But you should opt for your favorite, trusted online bakers to calm your safety concerns. Good bakery shops such as Yummycake have set up some safety guidelines to ensure that we have taken to ensure cleanliness during the pandemic.

The next most important thing that comes in is to remember to maintain social distancing while avoiding meeting the cake delivery guy in person. Some top bakers such as Yummycake have launched systems to limit contact between the delivery persons and customers which we call a no-contact delivery. For no-contact delivery, you can ask the delivery person to drop off the cake at your door and choose any of the digital payment methods for contactless deliveries.

The next safety measure which you all can consider is related to the packets that carry your cake. However, I have mentioned that there is no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted through the food but as you must have heard that the virus is known to live on different surfaces for up to nine days. There, it is always advisable to immediately take your packets of joy i.e. cake out of the box and throw the box and packet right away.

And last but not least safety measure is washing your hands. As we have all been doing it since we first heard of coronavirus in India we make sure to wash our hands after touching anything. But, just to remind you here I would mention that you should always wash your hands before you eat especially in these times. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as well as remember to avoid touching your face after handling the cake packaging but first of all, wash your hands.

Final Words:

In the end, I would like to say that at Yummycake, we are adhered to providing our clients with the best and with all the safety measures because we understand that the only way we survive is by creating value for our clients in a new way for the current day. And therefore we are open to providing delicious cakes with our services of cake delivery in Faridabad & Delhi/NCR so that people can send cakes to each other, even if they can’t eat them together.

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