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Valentines Day Ideas

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

No matter how long you and your partner are together, no matter if you just got married or you have been married for a few decades, Valentine’s Day is always the most special day after the anniversary date. It comes in with a curiosity of surprises that you get from your partner. But in these new normal situations, you cannot go out for luxurious dinners and trips. But don’t get sad. We are here to make your Valentine’s Day as enjoyable as the rest of the years’. So what to do?

Make Valentine’s day cake together

Do you remember last year’s Valentine’s day? The tasty valentine’s day special cake that your partner gifted to you. This year make that designer cake together at home. Many couples also like to place Valentine’s day cake orders, online. Option for beautiful designer cakes online order is also available.

Plan candlelight dinner at home

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without that special fancy dinner at a good restaurant with your partner. This year, You can do that at home. Just cook something together, light some scented candles, and sit with your partner enjoying the dinner and sipping some favorite wine.

Read books together

If you and your partner love to read books, we have a great suggestion for such bookworm couples. Go to a nearby bookstore or order online, a romantic novel, and read it together in the comfort of your home.

Take a cooking class, together

Many online free cooking classes are available. The videos vary from cooking some simple dishes to some challenging ones. The pro tip here would be to go for some unknown dish. This not only helps both of you grow but also makes learning fun with your partner. On YouTube, you will find attractive Valentine’s day cake designs. You can choose a recipe and design that both of you are interested in, like the heart-shaped cake design.

Serve breakfast in the bed

How well does it feel to be served breakfast right in bed in the morning with a loaf of bread, a cup of coffee, and a rose? Just wake up an hour before your partner does and make breakfast for both of you. There cannot be an any better way to jump-start a day as special as Valentine’s.

Watch some movies, together

Plugin the movie that both of you want to watch. Sit on the bed or the sofa, with your partner and feel the movie fill you up with delight, with your partner adding spices to the experience.

Embrace your creative side

This Valentine’s day, with your partner, pledge to make something creative. Maybe painting on a canvas or drawing your favorite cartoon character on the wall, together.

Play some treasure hunt game

Right from where your partner wakes up, leave some clues. Cues that lead him to another and yet another until he finds the final one. Leave these clues at different spots in the house. And do not forget to leave a gift at the end., and it can be a naughty gift too. Along with the gift, also remember to keep a love note. This would be a great way to let him know how much you care for him.

Take a digital break

We are always busy with screens throughout the day, so what about taking a digital break this Valentine’s Day? We can keep our social media aside and enjoy each other’s company. Do nothing but listen to your partner and you will get to know stories you never heard and in this way you will rediscover them. You will be surprised to know how badly you both wanted to talk about the nitty-gritty of your days at the offices.

Gift something

If you feel that the treasure hunt game is too childish to play, you can always opt for simply giving them some of their favorite items with surprise chocolates. This gift can be a small album with all their awkward pics, they will be surprised to know how obsessed you are with them. Handmade greeting cards and well-decorated love notes are always good for a gift to your partner

Special video call

If you and your partner are staying away from each other and feel that you cannot do any of the above-mentioned plans, worry not. We have a solution, reading a poem, or cutting a cake over a video call is never a bad option. This makes the person feel, they are special to you and that you put real effort to make the person happy.

Recreate the first date

Remember the first time you met or your first Valentine’s Day? Recreate it this Valentine’s Day. We promise it will bring back all the sweet and sour memories that you made a few years back. It will again bring back the spark you had in the beginning, making the relationship take a rebirth.

So what are you waiting for? Start by Ordering Valentine’s Day cake online and make your relationship get a +1 on this calendar.

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