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What are The Best Ways To Celebrate New Year at Home?

What are The Best Ways To Celebrate New Year at Home?

A new year awaits and you must be having bulges on your forehead, on how to make this year’s celebration special. Worry not, this blog is all you need to read to have a dashing celebration. From the New Year Cake to the handmade cards, we will get you covered here. Welcome the new year with an open heart and a smiling face.

The celebration does not always mean summoning your guests. You can even plan a solo party or a party only with your family members. What matters is the tint of life at the party.

new year celebration ideas at home

Celebrate New Year with Some crazy Celebration Ideas

Party and Celebration go well with crazy ideas. Boring parties with traditional dishes are out of trend nowadays. To light up the festive mood of the party, switch on to the funky celebration ideas. We have shortlisted a few ideas, but it is always better if you dig out your brain for unique celebration ideas.

Delicious Food-

Get plates full of delicious dishes for yourself and your guests. Try your hand at vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes according to your customs or taste buds. Whatever the food, make sure your tummy is satisfied with it.

Finger licking cake-

It is a New Year Party, and you can not certainly resist getting a layer of cream cake. A designer cake in Delhi or a heart-shaped cake goes perfectly well with this end-of-the-year party. You can choose one flavor or mix two or three flavors to arouse your taste buds.

A timeline of the past year-

It is a fabulous idea to make an entry of all the important things that happened in your life in the last year, in chronological order. You will be able to relish sweet and bitter memories later on, maybe after two or three decades.

To-do list- Prepare a To-do list, of the things that you plan to do this year. You can paste that on the wall in front of your desk. This is the best way to keep yourself high on motivation throughout the year.

Drinks (optional)

You can keep a stock of drinks to keep your guests entertained. You can keep a choice of hot drinks and cold drinks to be served to your guests. A variety of brands can also be kept in stock to enhance the flavor of the party.

new year drink

Dance to the tune of music

Another year has passed from the stopwatch of your life. Rather than being boring, get up and dance to madness. But you can also have a sober phase of dance along with your guests. Turn up the volume of the song, and move your feet to the rhythm.

Shoot a video

An absolutely off-the-track idea is to shoot a video at the stroke of midnight. It can be a solo one, where you can leave a speech for yourself, or can be a family video where you show your parents and grandparents laughing and having some chats.

Showers of Confetti

You can bring a confetti sprinkler to shower shades of color on you and your guests at the stroke of midnight. You can also manage with some puffed-up balloons stuffed with chocolates and paper bits. Burst them when the clock strikes twelve and you will be rewarded with toffees.


Keep an eye on decoration if you are inviting guests over to your house. You can use streamers, colorful balloons, and what not to put up an exciting look on your house or lawn.

Mind Whirling Games

The best part to keep your guests entertained is to organize some games involving all people present at the party. From simple ‘Antakshari’ to ‘Find the Hidden Object’, there are bundles of games to be played and enjoyed with the arrival of a new year.

Confess good and bad

Confess all that you have in mind to your dearest friends or lovers or even parents. It works well if you empty your heart before the year ends. Why keep a grudge or love, secret when you have such a wonderful chance to express them.

Hug everyone tight

Hug your friends and family members tightly for a while. We, Indians, often find it weird to hug our parents once in a while. But hugging is a beautiful way of expressing love and it simply ends the year with magical feelings.


New Year is around the corner. Gear up for the preparation with full energy. Add to the beauty of celebration by opting for midnight cake delivery. Prepare everything well in advance to prevent any sort of last-minute rush. Everything can wait for celebrating the time junction between two different years. It leaves a positive impact on the upcoming year.

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