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Christmas Celebration Ideas for Office During COVID

Christmas Celebration Ideas for Office During COVID

India has suffered a huge backseat during the times of countrywide lockdown due to COVID 19. Most of the celebrations and parties have ceased during these months. As things are getting back to normal, you must be on your toes to host Christmas party celebrations with full zeal yet with precautions.

In this blog, we have briefed all you should take care of while hosting Christmas Parties in these critical times, especially in the office setup. Read through the entire piece and let your guests get amazing vibes through this party.

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Things to keep in mind while hosting Christmas parties during COVID

There are a few points that you should lay prime focus on throughout the Christmas party. Since your life is more dear than a mere one-day celebration, so do not take any risk while adhering to guidelines.

  1. Plot your Christmas celebration ideas in such a way, that there is no mass gathering at any time of the party.
  2. Encourage guests and employees to wear masks throughout the party.
  3. Automatic sanitizer machines should be installed in accessible areas.
  4. Encourage ghost hugging and avoid handshakes or any other means of direct contact with another person.
  5. Thermal guns can be used to check the temperature at the entry gate.
  6. Make sure food and drinks ensure minimal chances of transmission of deadly COVID.
  7. If any of the guests or employees have recently traveled from other states or countries, then try not to include him/ her at the Christmas party.

Some of the amazing Christmas celebration ideas during COVID

Adhering to COVID guidelines does not mean you will have a boring party. Below are some out-of-the-box ideas for a perfect Christmas celebration. You can take some of these ideas or modify them to make them more attractive.

Alluring Cake– How can a Christmas party at the office kick start without a delicious cake on the center table? Although you can go for regular cakes or designer cakes plum cakes need a special mention at any Christmas party.

Chocolate Christmas Cake

Decoration plans– Unlike any other party, decoration includes both decorating the venue and the Christmas tree. You can hang some gift boxes or colorful chocolates from the sides of the tree. And if you want to be innovative enough, why not hang a few masks and gloves to raise awareness among people regarding COVID 19. Now, coming to the venue decoration. Make sure the place is adequately lit and put up colorful balloons and streamers. At some corners, you can put up posters regarding COVID-appropriate behavior.

Eatables– At the party, try to keep most of the people occupied with packaged food items. They are coming from the house of manufacturers and undergo proper treatment before being packed. So, to ensure minimal contact or any chances of COVID transmission you can choose different types of cookies, chocolates, chips, and so on.

Games– Arrange a few solo games that you think people present at the party will like. Try to avoid couple or group games, as they may be the route of COVID transmission. A few examples of solo games that can be performed during Christmas parties are, ‘Fixed time sketch’, ‘Memorise’, ‘Antakshari’, and so on.

Live performances– A party looks gloomy without the beats of music or the steps of the dance. So, you can call over some professional singer or dancer and enjoy some live performances at the party. Also, if you want to cut down expenses, then why not encourage the guests to show their inner talent in front of everyone present at the party. Sounds cool, right?


Now, you must have tons of ideas building in mind in addition to the ones we have mentioned here. Choose among the wide range of Christmas cake designs and simply place the ‘Order’ option; you are all set to rock the party with magical cream. Be it office or home, spice up the party with positive charms. Make sure you enjoy the party while you are on the safe side in terms of COVID.

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