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Choosing Between Buttercream Cake And Fondant Cake

Choosing Between Buttercream Cake And Fondant Cake

People are often confused between buttercream cake and fondant cake, while both of these types of cakes are generally wedding cakes it’s hard to choose one between them as each has its pros and cons, and some people like one over the other. So today we are going to look at the differences between the buttercream cake and fondant cake in this blog brought out to you by the makers of the best designer cakes in Delhi to help you choose the best one for your party.

Both buttercream and fondant are the most common covering for cakes. Although it’s mostly a personal decision many people don’t know the differences between them. Buttercream icing is generally applied in swirls and it’s perfectly smooth over the cake while the fondant is also smooth it generally provides a more varied kind of texture to the cake. While it’s generally said that buttercream is easier to work with than fondant one needs to also take into consideration that fondant is generally costlier than buttercream. So buttercream is more preferred than fondant in general by beginners and newbie cake makers.

buttercream cake

What’s the difference between buttercream cake and fondant cake

  • Buttercream cake

Buttercream as we know is considered one of the most common cake coverings and it comes in numerous variations. While some of them might taste sweet others are quite complicated in their flavor and texture, also buttercream has quite a lot of variations so let’s see some of them one by one.

The most common basic buttercream

Generally, birthday cakes and cakes for kids which need to be sweet are covered by this kind of icing. It’s one of the easiest to make and the simplest. In its most basic form, it’s just a mixture of butter, sugar, and a little bit of flavoring. This can be made in various colors and piped into various designs. The cake that has been made with the basic buttercream can be stored in a fridge and anywhere at room temperature for a day with no issues at all but if kept for a long time the butter becomes rancid in taste.

The (not too sweet) meringue buttercream

This is a different type of buttercream icing that isn’t too sweet and it requires a more trained person to make. It’s made up of egg whites and sugar that is boiled to form the basic smooth texture. This icing is generally a little less bright in appearance than the basic buttercream and it can also be flavored. Also, remember that this icing is quite sensitive to temperature and therefore be always kept in the fridge. Also the cakes and the decorations made by using this icing with melt if left out for a long time so care shall be taken.

  • Fondant Cake

Fondant is generally made up of sugar paste and can be used to provide a smooth finish to any cake. This icing is very popular with some cake makers as it can be smoothed, dyed, and flavored to innumerable varieties. The cakes made using fondant can be left in the fridge with no issues at all for days, the only care that shall be taken is that the fondant cake shall be brought down to room temperature before consumption and while its temperature increases it shall not be touched as it becomes sticky and it catches fingerprints easily. Some other decorators avoid fondant as if anything goes wrong while working all needs to be redone some people find it extremely sweet and some find its chewy texture undesirable.

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Which one is better buttercream cake or fondant cake

now let’s compare the buttercream cake and the fondant cake side-by-side and see which cake suits you and your taste  

Serial Number

Point of differenceButtercream cake

Fondant cake

1PriceGenerally, buttercream cake is priced lower than a fondant cakeThey are generally priced a little bit higher than their buttercream variations
2CustomizationIt can be flavored colored and made to look like almost anythingFondant is malleable in terms of flavoring and looks but generally, it’s slightly more restricted than buttercream as it can’t give very rich shades of color
3LooksButtercream is malleable and it can be made out to look like anything but sometimes it may look like a little bit cheaper than it fondant based varieties  Fondant is a little bit restricted compared to buttercream in terms of customization but in the hands of a skilled baker can make some interesting and outstanding results. Moreover, it has a silky texture which looks great. it’s also heavier than buttercream in general
4FinishThe finish of the cake generally depends upon the expertise of the baker. In the hands of a skilled baker, a buttercream cake can give outstanding resultsFondant is versatile for many kinds of textures and designing, also there are many tools available to roll designs on this sugar dough. Although fondant has a problem that if something goes wrong it has to be redone from scratch
5BakersGenerally, buttercream cakes are made by most bakers as buttercream is inherently easier and less risky to work with.Fondant can also give out really interesting results in the hands of an expert Baker although working with fondant requires more experience.
6TasteButtercream is very creamy and it’s not too sweet and it can be flavored to almost anything. Some varieties like meringue buttercream have even lesser sugarFondant is made up of sugar it’s very sweet although it can be flavored into numerous varieties its artificial smell and flavor can be unfavorable to some



That’s it just remember whatever the cake you choose buttercream or fondant always remember to choose the midnight cake delivery option to ensure the timely and safe delivery of your favorite cake to your doorstep.

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