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Best Cake Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Best Cake Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Expensive gifts and exotic dinner dates are not the only ways to surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. After all, love doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket and is clearly not measured by looking at the price tag. If you are willing to expand your horizons and invest some time, you can definitely come up with unique gift ideas that are meaningful and budget-friendly at the same time. Try our valentine’s day cake.

If you think giving gifts is a way of expressing your feelings, then you can always choose from a range of affordable options and still make a huge impact. Some affordable gift ideas other than chocolates and Roses are, skipping the restaurant and planning a dinner date at home, a photo frame, an album containing pictures and memories with your loved ones, or even a heartfelt note and a handmade card.

valentines day special gift ideas

An age-old yet timeless choice is gifting cakes to your loved ones. After all, what could be better than a gift that’s both delightful and appetizing at the same time? Similar to any other mainstream gifts, cakes are also available in a broad range of options and can be customized accordingly. To make it simpler for you, we have curated a list of some unique and quirky cake design ideas that are very much in demand these days.

Photo cake

Yes, you heard it right, photo cakes are the new age trendsetters! What makes them so exciting is that they are highly visually appealing and can be made in any flavor of your choice. Your loved ones are going to absolutely love the surprise of seeing a cake with a picture of theirs. You can select your favorite couple of photos as well as your photo cake designs to be displayed on the cake to make it even more thoughtful and special.

Designer cake

Designer cakes are not only aesthetically appealing but can also hold a special meaning if it resembles something that your partner loves. Let’s say, if your loved one is a huge Marvel fan or a photography enthusiast, then a cake shaped in the form of his or her favorite comic character or in the shape of a camera is definitely going to be a delightful surprise. This simple gesture indicates how much you remember and value things that are special to your loved one. Isn’t it a though-worthy gift?

Layered cakes

Why wait for your wedding day when you can easily get a layered cake made for birthdays and even on Valentine’s Day. A layered cake has a grand appeal and will absolutely make your loved one joyful. It just accentuates the happiness level and will make your moments together even more special. The bigger the number, the better the surprise. You can also surprise her with heart-shaped cakes by Yummycake.

Adult Cakes

Think out of the box and make your day even more exciting with adult cakes that are eye-catching and hard to forget. Since it’s completely unique and hard to expect, your partner will be absolutely blown away. Spice up your romance a bit and set the mood to a humor-filled one with adult cakes that come in a range of flavors and toppings.

Number Cakes

Number cakes representing the number of years of your relationship are going to be extra special. It’s a great way to remember and celebrate your journey together so far and is certainly close to the heart. It also has an emotional aspect to it and will certainly leave your loved one feeling excited.

You don’t need to feel bad or drop the idea of gifting cakes if you are in a long-distance relationship or had to travel out of the city due to work. Order cakes online in Delhi with yummycake and you can surprise your loved one by getting a cake delivered to their doorstep.

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