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5 Things You Should Consider For Your Anniversary

5 Things You Should Consider For Your Anniversary

Anniversaries are special and celebrating it in a special way with the love of your life amplifies the happiness of being together. Anniversaries are milestones and thus celebrating them should be no less, it is a way to express your love and care for each other. The celebration just nourishes the fact of being together. Here are a few economical ways that could help you to make your day more spiced up.

Express yourself

Open communication and free expression of your feelings is the key to a successful and happy relationship. Waking up to a heartfelt letter from your loved one is bliss. So write down a letter spray it with perfume and with an anniversary cake keep it at the bedside of your partner and then simply see the magic. It will bring immense joy to them, and the twinkle in their eyes is worth the effort plus the bonus will be an all the more strong bond of love between the two of you.

express your thoughts

Pop up balloons

Take some balloons and in each balloon put a message for your partner and blow it. We all have that kid in us that loves to blow and pop the balloon and read the secret message there. There are gorgeous balloons in the market like the helium ones or the LED ones that can take the celebration to another level. Fill the room with balloons and flower petals and see the joy your partner gets in popping the balloon and reading the beautiful message that you have in store for them.


Ride bike at the favorite recreation spot

Pick up the best recreation spot of the city or the personal favorite spot of yours or any place that has seen your relationship blooming and nothing is more beautiful than riding the bike on those roads. It is indeed a true treat to explore the same road. You can hire event planners and get a cake cutting session on the spot. Designer Cakes are beautiful, and YummyCake has the best designs for the anniversary cake in almost every flavor you can think of. So organize the day with a cake and bike ride, and indeed there is nothing more one could ask for.

candle light dinner

Love is in the air

Love is in the air, and it is the universal language. It would be so exciting to say “I LOVE YOU” in different styles to your partner. The feel will be the same and so will be the expression and love but the language to express it will be different and unique. The fun to guess the language will be thrilling. You can get an anniversary cake design customized with I Love You written in different languages. More than intimate moments it is these fun moments that make the celebrations all the more fun filled.

contemporary curves anniversary cake

Make a special dinner with your choice of ingredients at home

Going out for food is a good option but at times cooking for your partner is even better. With the best of the ingredients and loads of love, cook a special dinner for your partner or simply as a fun activity get help from your partner to cook the food. An exotic food layout with the love of your life and cake from the best cake shop in Delhi is something to die for.

It is your special day and the way to cherish the special moment is up to you. Do not go by the set standards, just get lost in the company of each other and enjoy the day.

Make It Extra Special !