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Birthday Cake

10 Best Flavours Cakes that will take Birthday Bash to a New Level

10 Best Flavours Cakes that will take Birthday Bash to a New Level

A birthday is undoubtedly one of the most special days in the life of an individual and his close ones. It is the perfect time to express gratitude to the Almighty, your parents, your siblings and even your spouse and kids. It is also that one day when your loved ones leave no stone unturned to make you feel special and wanted. There are many best flavour cakes, flower bouquets, gifts and wishes pouring in galore from everywhere, even places you least expect. Some people love to share this exclusive day with others – whilst some throw parties and treats, for some of their friends and family, do the needful.

There are some people who like to celebrate the day in solitude or only with a close-knit circle of close ones. Whatever be the way of celebration, a birthday without the customary cutting of the birthday cake, blowing out the candles to the singing of the birthday rhyme is not the perfect way of commemorating the day. Irrespective of the economic stature, the religion, faith, belief, sex or education level of the person, a birthday cake is a must during such occasions.

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The fact is that like every other business, bakeries to have been greatly influenced by the digital medium. With the help of the internet, bakeries are no longer limited to just physical presence; there are numerous e-cake shops today that specialize in online cake delivery in Delhi. The truth is that with the growing competition, bakeries today offer the most professional, personalized and smart services to their customers. From accepting an order for midnight cake deliveries to creating designer cakes with customized styles, customers are the kings in the true sense of the word.

If it is a birthday bash, then the presence of the birthday cake becomes more significant. While some decades back, the mere presence of a birthday cake was enough to make the guests smile, today it requires a bit more than that to create an impression. After all, who doesn’t want his guests to remember his birthday bash fondly for years to come? Today a designer cake or a freshly baked homemade cake may help in catching the attention of few; the tinge of spice is added when the cake is made with some awesome and heavenly flavors.

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The flavor is to the cake what the heart and soul are to the body. Hence it is essential not only to keep the flavor correct but also choose the perfect one to spruce up a birthday bash. Ten finest flavors that help provide the cutting edge to a birthday cake are:-

The coconut cake

A cake made with vanilla extract, almond extract and other normally used ingredients along with sweetened shredded coconut. With proper frosting work done, a layered one can do wonders to your guests.

The Fruitcake

Filled with fresh seasonal fruits, it’s a health-conscious person’s taste goblets way to relish the most delicious cakes in a guilt-free mind space. It is also a good option with lots of kids around. What better way than to tuck in healthy assorted fruits into the little ones on the pretext of feeding creamy, whipped scrumptious savoury?

The chocolate cake with fresh strawberries

just appropriate for people who count on the chocolate for all occasions, topped with freshly picked plush strawberries to add the exotic look and taste to the cake. The baker can use his creativity to come up with the perfect placement and presentation of the strawberries on the cake to make it unique.

If cream and icing are what your guests fall for, then serve them with the hummingbird cake with the creamy cheesy frosting on top of it. This one is different as its key ingredients are pecan, bananas, pineapple, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

For people who don’t mind mixing their alcohol with the dessert, the root beer chocolate cake is just the perfect one for them.

The carrot cake

is a popular one for those born in the spring. With nature at her bountiful again after a dark cold winter, the carrot cake is made from fresh farm produce that includes other than shredded carrot, coconut, walnut, and even crushed pineapple. Just the serving for your veggie and vegan friends.

For those with an appetite for chocolates – they simply cannot afford to miss the Devil’s Food cake that is full of the richness of the chocolate flavor characterized by dark and moist texture.

Tired of eating the same cheesy, creamy and heavy cakes? Time to opt for the simpler lighter Mille Crepe Cake that is made by adding layers of paper-like crepes and layers of chocolate or vanilla flavor cream in between.

The Caramel cake

it is beyond doubt the most delicious and mouth-watering option to offer to your guests. The caramelized sugary buttery cake is the antidote for a sweet tooth with no question asked. Add apple juice and brandy to make it ideal for your winter birthday celebrations.

The red velvet cake

red is the color that adds a fiery element to the entire setup. Made with ingredients like buttermilk, white vinegar, and cocoa powder, the taste of this one finely complements the look and the preparation.

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These are only a few selected ones. There are hundreds of permutations and combinations that can be done with varied flavors to come up with your own exclusively made cakes. There are many celebrated chefs who specialize in making their own kinds of cakes. With the evolution of online cake delivery medium, interested customers can now access such specialized cake shops or chefs or e-bakeries and choose from the available assortment of cakes online.

The greatest advantage of ordering from e-cake shops is that customers can place orders to surprise their loved ones at the stroke of midnight too. Midnight cake delivery in Delhi is slowly becoming a very important parameter for bakeries. They need to have the required equipment and manpower in place to deliver the cakes swiftly and as per schedule, at all times.

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